Model cosmetic surgery

One Korean Clinic of the so-called "areas of beauty" - Shinsa district, a competition for young girls.
The girls competed for the title of the fourth "Models of cosmetic surgery" Korea.
The clinic has provided plastic surgery cost 15 000 dollars.
The prize - the opportunity to get the appearance of which they dreamed, as well as a chance to tell their story on the Internet.

1. Han Ji-Hai, 21, a student. Because of its massive jaws Woman often teasing at school and university. But Han Ji-Hai decided to change, taking part in the contest of plastic surgery. She became one of 300 girls who applied to participate. After two and a half months she underwent two operations on his chin. "When I ride the bus or subway, it seems to me that people are only looking to my chin," - says the girl. (© Jean Chung)

2. Hong Hai-Ching, 21, another finalist. In this photo she do an x-ray of the chin, which will also soon undergo surgery. (© Jean Chung)

3. The doctor makes examination jaw Han Ji-hai, to make sure that girls do not have any contraindications to surgery. (© Jean Chung)

4. 19-year-old Si Jae Seo hopes that after the operation it will be fotogienichnoy. She wants to reduce the person that she believes will help her become more beautiful. Girl dreams of becoming an actress. (© Jean Chung)


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