Plastic surgery

As soon as the technology improved, plastic surgery is becoming cheaper, safer, more effective and more popular all over the world.

But nowhere is it does not become such a craze, even obsession, in South Korea, where, according to 2009 data, for five women in Seoul, there is one such procedure.

All the women in Korea want to look the same: light skin, small nose, large eyes and a V-shaped chin.



Koreans do plastic surgery to achieve the appearance, which is considered the ideal, much more than other countries. Every fifth woman comes here on a similar procedure.


Even Miss Korea 2012, on her own admission, make the plastic. After this recognition, many have decided that her victory in a beauty contest was unfair, but Yoo Mi retorted: "I did not say that she was born beautiful." Crown stayed with her.


Plastic surgery has become the norm and familiar topic of discussion. People may wonder where you made yourself a nice little nose, and it will not be a faux pas. It's like, how to ask, in which you bought the boutique designer bag.


Girls talk without embarrassment, that they corrected themselves.


Face model Hye Kim Tai - one of the most desirable women looking to plastic surgeons.


One of the most popular Korean reality show called "Let me come in." Participants tell sentimental stories about the humiliation through which they had to pass until the plastic surgeons are not tweaked their looks.


Most often subjected to correction noses and eyelids. These operations are so common that they are called «basic».


Koreans can and try to approach Western standards of beauty, but do not want to admit it.


Often under the knife of plastic surgeons go to school girls, even girls. In fact, here believe that the sooner do the operation, the "natural" it will look in the future. Five years later these girls can not be found.


Some parents even encourage children's desire to do plastic surgery. "Everything is getting prettier and prettier, and parents do not want their children to be ugly ducklings" - she said the Korean woman. Plastic surgery can be a luxurious gift for graduation.


The media joked a lot with respect to the fact that many participants of the Miss Korea 2013 look like twins - there is no doubt that some of them were beautiful women with the help of plastic surgery.


One of the most dangerous trends of the moment - it's rebuilding the upper and lower jaws. This "double jaw surgery" before intended to correct serious flaws, but it is now in full use in order to achieve a more elegant face contour.


Of course, plastic surgery is always associated with risk, including the insensitivity of certain areas of the face, or even paralysis. But many women see this risk as the price just for the opportunity to look dazzling.


In Korea, everyone is convinced that the success of women is directly related to her appearance. In beauty better chance of a successful marriage, the required work and good attitude of others.


Men is also a concern - advertising plastic clinics assures that visual appeal ensures them good luck in personal life and at work. In Korea, there are even specialized male plastic surgery clinics.


Korea earned fame Mecca of plastic surgery. Korean doctors are well trained and possess all the latest methods. There is even a special law allowing doctors to retrain in other specialties of Plastic Surgeons.


Plastic surgery - as a profitable business, in the southern part of Seoul formed a so-called "beauty belt", where in the most expensive neighborhoods focused clinics.


All subway stations - a huge amount of ads that promise fantastic results.


Market plastic services is growing rapidly, along with the price of surgery are becoming more affordable. The procedure, which is not less than US $ 10 000 in Korea can be done for $ 2000 or $ 3000.



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