The country took first place in the ranking of plastic surgery!

International society of aesthetic plastic surgery has published data obtained during the analysis of the popularity of plasticity among populations of different countries.

First in the list is South Korea. 20% of Koreans who live in Seoul and belong to different age categories, went under the surgeon's knife to improve appearance.

The most popular procedures among women of South Korea have eyelid surgery visually increases the eye, removal of subcutaneous fat, or lipoplasty, rhinoplasty and more. Interestingly, rhinoplasty can change a person's face, despite the fact that the operation affects only the nose. Face after rhinoplasty seems young, and all features are more proportional. Of course, only if the operation does experienced surgeon.

Plastic is becoming more popular.

Scientists revealed one very interesting fact. It turned out that the plastic carries the national characteristics. For example, Brazilians tend to correct the shape of the buttocks, but the stronger side of humanity who live in Greece, are more likely to turn to a surgeon to enlarge the penis.

The demand for plastics in South Korea, scientists associated with the development of the industry of show business, particularly pop music. Girls often aspire to be like famous singers, so bring photos of the stars.

It is worth noting that the ranking of countries, which have well-developed market of plastic surgery also includes the United States, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and Greece. Russia in this list occupies the 22nd place, just ahead of China and India.

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