New super effective diet for those who want to lose weight!

On the market popular diets appeared another hit. The new power scheme calls for the elimination of wheat products and eat saturated fat three times more. These fats and it is common now to obtain in the form of coconut oil. Now this is a new trend of the season.

Its creators claim that fats are good for the brain, protect the liver from toxins, help the lungs and the kidneys. Also they are essential for normal robots reproductive system, as well as the proper production of stress hormones. For experts, the use of coconut oil will help even the musculoskeletal system. More precisely, coconuts help to strengthen our bones, because their oil contain the fats that contribute to the correct and most importantly quick absorption of calcium. These fats reduce the concentration of C-reactive protein – measure of inflammation and heart disease, and delay the process of fat deposits.

As it turned out, many scientists are not very welcome in this type of supply. It has long been reported that, for example, gidrogenizirovanii form of coconut oil lead to the increase of level of cholesterol. But this saturated fat is easily absorbed, improving the metabolism. Coconut oil for its combustion requires a lot of energy, allowing for longer feel satiety. In addition, it improves the circulation of blood and even helps to maintain the sugar level in the body.

Experts remind: coconut oil is a great treasure of lauric acid. The same fatty acid can only be found in breast milk. It possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Therefore, it is proved that this oil can even strengthen the immune system.

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