How to choose a pomelo fruit?

The broom – plants of the citrus family. It is called differently — Pamela, pomelo, Shaddock, sheddok. Homeland pomelo — South-East Asia where it is widely cultivated, and there are plantations in the West Indies, the United States, Israel and some other countries. And the best fruit grown in Thailand.

It is generally believed that pomelo is a variety of grapefruit. It is actually exactly the opposite – grapefruit, according to experts, is the degenerate descendant of the pomelo.

The shape of the fruit is often round, but are flattened and even pear-shaped instances, the rind smooth, and the color, depending on variety and ripeness, can vary from pale green to bright yellow. Pomelo covered with a thick peel and the flesh is divided into segments. Unlike grapefruit, with which it is often confused, broom cleaning is not difficult: the skin can be easily removed with a knife, then slices are separated from each other and each freely cleared from the film. The flesh is greenish, yellowish, pink or reddish, with a distinctive aroma and sweet taste, often with little bitterness. At room temperature, whole fruit pomelo can be stored up to 1 month, and cleaned to keep in the fridge and eaten within three days.

Pomelo has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, as it includes a number of enzymes that promote the breakdown of fats and proteins. For this, and also because low-calorie fruit, this citrus is widely used in various slimming diets.

When buying pomelo first of all you need to pay attention to the smell of the fruit. More fragrant than the fruit, the richer it will taste. The rind should be smooth, shiny, but slightly soft to the touch.

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