15 people who turned themselves in dolls

"The child played ..." - says the well-known proverb. However, there are times when the "child" was obviously to start playing! The selection Website a dozen people who voluntarily turned into living dolls. And for many of them there is no way back.

Sarah Burge h2> 55-year-old Briton Sarah Burge, also known as "bionic woman" for 20 years suffered hundreds of plastic surgery and spent on them over 3 million dollars. And all in order to look like a Barbie doll, which she always liked.

Rodrigo Alves h2> Brazilian Rodrigo Alves always thought Ken doll looks great and he really wanted to look the same. Modern plastic surgery has given him this opportunity. It took "just something" about 15 operations and a dozen cosmetic procedures worth more than 100 thousand pounds.

Lolita Richie h2> 16-year-old girl from a Russian doll, looking at pictures is difficult to believe that it is alive. The girl claims that did not do any plastic surgery in life, and everything in her appearance and body natural.

Kelso Santibanez h2> This Brazilian man famous for having spent about 45 thousand dollars, to be like Ken. He got on TV in 16 years, and his every appearance in public was getting 15 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, at the age of 20 Kelso died of pneumonia.

Alina Kovalevskaya h2> But this Ukrainian girl seems really done without plastic surgery. His image of "human puppets" it creates only due to makeup.

Justin Jedlicka h2> Another "living Ken", which spent tens of thousands of dollars to almost a hundred cosmetic procedures and surgeries to look like a plastic doll.

Valeria Lukyanova h2> One of the most famous girls Barbie and one of the most controversial. Ukrainian This model states that suffered only one plastic surgery: breast increased two sizes. However, experts argue that the appearance of the girl has undergone many changes, such as: rhinoplasty, removing pairs of ribs, ear shape correction, breast augmentation, and even build your teeth. In addition, there is evidence confirming the use of graphical editors for photo processing girls.

Mauricio Galdi h2> Another fan of Ken, announced in Brazil a few days after the death of Kelso Santibanez. Mauricio 27 years old, and according to his own statements, to make appearance of Ken doll, it took him eight plastic surgery.

Dakota Rose h2> In a network it is more commonly known under the pseudonym Kotakoti. The girl in your blog Youtube, in which she gives lessons of beauty and style. It would seem that anyone can teach and what this little girl is on the strength of 15 years? However, looks can be deceiving, and with so many cosmetics and even more so - Dakota for 25 years, she was born in 1990.

Venus Palermo h2> Popularity came to Venus in 2010, when she began to record video in which she danced under the Japanese pop music was changing in the comic book and talked about contemporary Japanese culture and fashion. Her videos quickly became popular, and she has collected more than a million subscribers. To create an image of Venus Puppet uses cosmetics.

Vanilla Shamyu h2> From quite a normal, average Japanese woman, this has become a "Barbie doll come to life." He helped her in this multi-talented surgeons, thirty plastic surgeries and 130 thousand dollars.

Laurana Lee h2> In order to look like her favorite Barbie doll, the 24-year-old girl from England every day spends about 4 hours to make.

Anastasia Shpagin h2> The famous "girl anime" from Ukraine. Nastia operates Hair stylists and about one and a half hours per day spent on the creation of his image.

Angelica KENOVA h2> Model from Moscow in an interview, said that did not choose for themselves the image of the doll heroine, for her parents did. "When I was six years old, my mother started buying me a collectible Barbie and enthusiastically dressed me as one of them" - said Angelica. Interestingly, parents almost completely control the life of the girl, not allowing her to meet with anyone without their knowledge. Angelica never even had a boyfriend. However, parents do not mind the business model and very candid photoshoot.

Blondie Bennett h2> Blondie for many years constantly lives in the image of Barbie dolls. She suffered a lot of plastic surgery, in clothes prefers pink-candy style has long white hair, but the most interesting, she openly declares: "I want to be a brainless!»

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