Look terrible voice the world's first talking dolls

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In 1890, Thomas Edison created the world's first talking doll. Today his angels with glass eyes are exhibited in the museum. They have wooden limbs, metal body and an ugly, repulsive appearance. And today, for the first time in many decades, we have the opportunity to listen to them.

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Jerry Fabris in charge of the audio recording in the museum of Thomas Edison, explained why the voice sounds so scary dolls. Apparently their words were well-read woman who worked at the factory, which tried (not too successfully) to imitate the voice of a child. Fabris said that Edison had originally planned to make good on his "Wax cylindrical phonograph", the device is intended for use in the home. The inventor has decided that the best way to bring the device to market is a doll. Metallic body contained a miniature phonograph actuating crank sticking out of the doll's back. Edison knew that the sound quality was "raw", so the dolls were talking easily recognizable verses.

Fabris claims that Edison himself believed that the voices sound unpleasant dolls. However, they failed in the market in 1890, not because people did not like dolls, but because they are expensive cost - about $ 200 in terms of today's money. In addition, they were not "live": consumers want to move mouths of dolls and their voice was clear. About a month after the start of sales Edison refused to manufacture the dolls, which he calls "little monsters." On the record below, you can listen to the recording of their voices.

via www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/05/05/404445211/edisons-talking-dolls-can-now-provide-the-soundtrack-to-your-nightmares


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