The most popular dolls of today

This year, the American Barbie (her full name - Barbara Millicent Roberts) is celebrating its 55th birthday. However, age does not affect the popularity of the doll. Her image is still concerned about the hearts of girls 3 - 14 years of worldwide collectors with the experience, and, of course, hundreds of women, performed dozens of operations and manipulations with makeup, to get a little closer to the "puppet" of the parameters of beauty.

On a personal wardrobe Barbie has dresses from Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Chanel and other big-name fashion designers, and the altar with Ken, it was, of course, in a dress from Vera Wang.

Dress by Vera Wang

The brand Herve Leger by Max Azria also introduced two dresses created for the doll Barbie. Dresses made by all the canons and in compliance with the technology brand in the company's studio, where you create designer collections.

By the way, there is a version, according to which, the prototype served as the heroine Barbie erotic comic personification of Lady vamp bildlilli with perfect figure and bright makeup.

One of the most popular dolls from different opera - rag and philosophical Tilda. The main signs - small embossed mouth, close-set eyes, toned body and long-predlinnye feet.

In contrast to the thin persons and gorozhanki Barbie - provincial Tilda always plump, plump and very appetizing. I was born this toy in the hands of Norwegian graphic designer Tone Finnanger in 1999. Another feature - Tilda rarely buy. Most caring mother make her own hands linen or satin with a filler with dried aromatic herbs and essential oils. To help the needle women already released hundreds of books, where you can find doll patterns.

First toys that could compete with the blonde Barbie popularity - Bratz. The difference from the Bratz dolls Barbie that their creators have decided to make dolls as close to real children and adolescents. They dye their hair in different colors, go to school, capricious and hooligans. It is no coincidence in the translation from the American slang Brat means "naughty child".

The first doll series - dusky green-eyed Jasmine - made like a daughter of the founder of the company MGA Entertaitment, produces toys. With the advent of Bratz in 2001 beauty queen had to make room - Barbie sales fell 30% in the US and 18% worldwide.

In the early 20th century, Kathe Kruse dolls have revolutionized the field of children's toys. His name they had named creator - German designer, feminists, avid a theater and a large mother Kathy Kruse. Legendary first doll - a rag stuffed with sand and with a head-potato - so much like daughters Katie, that they would not part with it for as long as the potatoes are not rotten. Then, as the long-running replacement mother took a plaster copy of the head of Christ, and even put his creation at the international exhibition of dolls. The success was achieved - toy meets all the principles of the European idea of ​​the perfect "girlfriends": beautiful, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly. What is remarkable - puppet wardrobe directly intersect with trendy children's clothing collections, also facing brand Kathe Kruse.

Another legendary creation of Mattel and the "face" of modern industry doll - a popular collection of Monster High toys. The line is based on the story of a mystical school where children learn the legendary "evil": the sons and daughters of Count Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein and others. Each character Monster High is a personal diary, has a unique style and the pet, such as unusual as they are. Among the "terribly beautiful" dolls many lovers clothes haute couture.

Rating the most popular doll in the world would not be complete without a tadpole Blythe dolls, conquered western collectors. For the first time Blaise were released for sale in 1972, but then the baby was taken out of production - her overly large head, children and adults considered ugliness.

"Second birth" Blaise experienced in 1997 by the American producer Jean Garant, who took it to the overseas tour as a model and later released an album of photos.

In 2002, the doll has attracted the attention of producers and retro toy triumph restarted. That's when Blaise became a bestseller. Experts believe that the secret of success of 28-centimeter baby is her eyes - is pulling the special thread, the doll begins to blink and change color in the palette from blue to pink.

One of the most stylish and expensive puppet creations to date - the favorite of Suri Cruise and children couple Jolie-Pitt - toy collection of limited edition Fashion Royalty designer Jason Wu.

The cost of plastic creatures the size of a little more than Barbie, can reach $ 2,000. The most popular doll in the series - fashionista Veronica and Adele, who, like their young owner, should not only be the latest collections of clothes, but also bold hairstyles podium.


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