How did most coveted baby doll from inception to the present day.

How did most coveted baby doll from inception to the present day.

1. Barbie 1959

The very first Barbie - blonde with a ponytail - went on sale in 1959, her debut at the New York Toy Fair, and the price then was $ 3. The full name of this girl - Barbie Millicent Roberts. She is originally from the city of Willows, Wisconsin. (Mattel)

2. Barbie - fashion designer, 1960

Although Barbie is now one of the most famous blondes, in those days, and she was a brunette. In this photo Barbie fashion designer keeps his portfolio with sketches of clothes. See below how to change her style, starting from the 60s ... (Mattel)

3. The Barbie-motorist, 1961

This image is in the style of Katharine Hepburn says that Barbie was going to ride in a convertible. (Mattel)

4. Barbie singer, 1961

Starting from the 60s, Barbie dolls have had a new hair color - "Titan" - which in those days was called red shade. In addition to the singer's famous doll was a nurse, ballerina and a flight attendant. (Mattel)

5. Girl in a red, 1962

Just look at this red coat! And this magnificent hairstyle! This "volume" left image is not so far from today's catwalks. (Mattel)

6. Barbie - Fashion Queen, 1963

With this hat looks like a Barbie queen from the tomb of King Tut. In the mid-60s dolls including Barbie -Korolevu fashion, began to wear more elegant hairstyles. It seems that this girl did not like her hairstyle. (Tom Wolfson / Mattel)

7. Barbie-careerists, 1963

Does this suit does not look like a suit modern business woman? While Barbie began to imitate the strong women of his era, including Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. (Mattel)

8. Miss Barbie 1964

Not sure about the cap, but how can not like this leotard with skirt frills? Miss Barbie was the first doll with bendable legs and eyes that open and close. She first appeared as its own set of wigs. (Mattel)

9. Barbie Magic Color 1966

Barbie had two hair colors - golden blonde and Midnight, then they were replaced by Crimson fire and ruby ​​red, respectively. As well its packaging turned into a wardrobe. The company «Mattel» really indulge in the best ideas, thinking through all the details. (Mattel)

10. Barbie plush pony, 1967

As we move into the fashion 60s style Barbie is also changing. It seems that even the Barbie shocked by this turn of events in the fashion world. (Mattel)

11. Rotatable Barbie 1967

In the turbulent 60th world women are such agile and tirelessly twist ... Rolling and became Barbie ... In addition to the new, younger face, new eyelashes and shiny hair Barbie got the ability to rotate at the waist. (Mattel)

12. Barbie Fashion schemer, 1968

Her short dress, coat, hat, belt, chain, stockings and boots - it seems that this is too much for one girl, but Barbie looks great in this dress. (Mattel)

13. Barbie in the fashion mini and maxi, 1970

If Barbie wants to be noticed, coat with faux fur collar turquoise - a great way to achieve this. And why not? Came the 70s, everything was funny and amusing ... (Mattel)

14. Barbie Flower Child, 1971

Should I remind you that it was in 1971? This Barbie style fashion hippie Cher raised to a new level. (Mattel)

15. Malibu Barbie, 1971

Oh, Barbie - Malibu. The company «Mattel» paid tribute to the TV series "Brady Bunch" by creating this light, airy doll California style. It was the first doll with an open smile showing white teeth. Also Malibu Barbie was pretty deep tan. (Mattel)

16. Busy Barbie 1972

So many things to do and so little time! Let's see. You need to call them, to listen to these records, watch TV and go on a business trip, for which I would be enough for this tiny suitcase. (Mattel)

17. Barbie Olympic skier, 1975

Just look at her outfit! It seems the Olympic Village sold out in parts (like the gold medal Ken-skier). (Mattel)

18. Barbie - Golden Dream, 1981

At the junction of 70y's and 80's, this Barbie Gold Dream found the intersection of two fashion trends, mixing shine and volume light airy fabrics in one amazing costume. (Mattel)

19. Barbie roller 1981

Who needs a helmet with such a hair? Barbie roller was ready for life in an earthly paradise. Strange to say, but Ken, rollerblading, was dressed in the same clothes. (Mattel)

20. Barbie - designer jeans, 1982

At Brooke Shields wore jeans from Calvin Klein, and Barbie - these great pants. (Mattel)

21. Barbie on a date, 1983

Yeah, a few of us would choose this dress on a first date with a guy. But you saw Man Barbie? Perhaps it is worth reviewing the strategy of the campaign to date. (Mattel)

22. Barbie - day or night, 1985

Every business has to be a girl this outfit: under the cloak of evening dress. But no one knows where she removes briefcase. (Tom Wolfson / Mattel)

23. Barbie - Astronaut, 1986

While women have been actively working, the company «Mattel» gave his famous doll unusual job - they sent it into space! A small step for mankind ... sorry, for the world of dolls. (Mattel)

24. Barbie and «Rockers», 1986

The heyday of MTV's music has given a new meaning, and a few years later, Barbie will have its own team! (Mattel)

25. Fashionable Barbie, 1988

T-shirt, tied at Node- single chip fashion which has not yet returned. And thank God. (Mattel)

26. Barbie - The pilot of the Air Force, 1991

In 1989, Barbie joined the army in a form that is approved even in the Pentagon. Two years later, Barbie Pilot Air Force tried to hide his magnificent hair in this tiny garrison cap, but it seems that it failed. (Mattel)

27. Barbie - Rapper, 1992

Yes, it happened ... And in the same year Barbie ran for president! Of course, the outfits Barbie and Barbie rapper candidates differed greatly. (Mattel)

28. Barbie - Hair, 1992

Only to perm her every morning took several hours. Today she is the best-selling doll, and a record length of her hair reached 26 cm. (Mattel)

29. Barbie - The diver, 1994

Scuba diving has filled up a long list of activities Barbie. And as soon as she had all enough time? (Mattel)

30. Barbie Fashion 1996

In the 90's provocative style of Barbie bought "mourning" tone to this model in black. (Mattel)

31. Barbie - vet, 1996

"Puppy injured paw kitten flu" - said in the advertisement of the Barbie doll - Vet, who had pink leggings under a white bathrobe. (Mattel)

32. Barbie style Harley Davidson, 1997

Just let her bike and she is ready for the trip! (Mattel)

33. Barbie in blue, 1998

Remember overalls and blue hair? Barbie remembers. She also had a ring on his thumb. (Mattel)

34. Major League Baseball, 1998

Introducing them to the game, the coach! These girls are ready to play, even though they are in different teams. (Mattel)

35. The pilot of NASCAR, 1998

Ten years before the historic victory Danica Patrick in 2008 «Mattel» said that Barbie created a furor on the track its trendy jumpsuit. (Mattel)

36. Biznesvumen 1999

Just look at the size of her cell! Barbie Biznesvumen was all! Looks like it all fits within this shoulder bag. (Mattel)

37. Barbie presidential candidate, 2004

What a presidential candidate without trim red suit? It looks like Hillary Clinton Something Borrowed this model Barbie - her hair down. (Mattel)

38. Barbie - Producer 2005

She is tough and does not know the answer is "no." Although, in this photo, it looks more like a secret agent than a producer. (Mattel)

39. Barbie - Chef 2008

Gently, Rachel Ray. Barbie in the kitchen, and she's going to demonstrate their ability to cook on TV! (Mattel)

40. Barbie IT-engineer, 2010

In 1992, a talking Barbie doll created a furor his words "math lesson too complicated." However, by 2010, Barbie has worn a T-shirt with a binary code. (Mattel)


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