Barbie doll in the flesh

Looking at photos of sixteen American named Dakota, it is impossible to escape the impression that the Barbie doll came to life by magic. Ogromennye eyes disproportionately large forehead, doll face and body structure - all together it creates a little eerie image of Barbie in the flesh. Some of the photos she reminds me of a mannequin. What is most surprising - no plastic surgery. There are pictures, where to think seriously, who before you: live girl or big life-size doll. Already goosebumps!

Doll appearance of the girl to make her a real star of the Internet in Asia, where people from fanateyut kospleeya.

The most popular Barbie doll in the flesh enjoys in Japan and China.

About her rented several issues and one TV news broadcast. Immediately after that, the army of fans has grown by several thousand.

Dakota says it looks like a doll and always does not mind it when people laugh or poke a finger in the street.

In the end, when it is tired, it may at any time move to Japan, where thousands of people addicted to cosplay will worship her as a goddess.


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