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How real name is Barbie doll? Which toy is considered to be the oldest in the world? How many designs can be made of several parts Lego? Here are a few interesting facts about the most beloved and popular toys that you may not know. Designers Lego

1. Lego Company is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world. It produces about 300 million tiny tires. 2. From 6 Lego pieces can be more than 120 million combinations. 3. The Lego company has produced more than 320 billion bricks of Lego. This means that everyone in the world account for about 52 bricks. Doll Barbi

4. "Barbie's hair to toe┬╗ (Totally Hair Barbie) has become the best-selling Barbie doll in the company's history, having won the world record for the longest successful sales of toys. 5. Barbie was named after the daughter of its founder (Ruth Handler), and Ken in honor of her son. 6. The full name of Barbie - Barbara Millicent Roberts. 7. Barbie was made in the image of the German dolls, a prototype of which, in turn, was the heroine of erotic comics Bild Lilli. The game "Monopoly"

8. The game "Monopoly" was invented in 1932 by Charles Barrow seller unemployed during the Great Depression - the global economic crisis. 9. In 1983, the members of the Club of Buffalo diving set a record for the duration of the game "Monopoly" under water, and it amounted to 1,080 hours. Yo-yo

10. Yo-yo toy is considered to be the second oldest in the world (the dolls are considered the oldest toys in the world). The first evidence of the use of yo-yo - toys of two discs bonded axis on which the rope is worn, appeared in Ancient Greece in 500. BC. 11. In the 16th century in the Philippines yoyo served weapons. Teddy mishka

12. Teddy bear, which in the US is called the "Teddy Bear", created in honor of US President Theodore Roosevelt, who took pity on the hunt wounded bear. Cube Rubika

13. Rubik's Cube was originally created as an engineering project by Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik. 14. Rubik's Cube has 43 252 003 274 489 856 000 combinations and only one solution. 15. In the world sold more than 300 million of the original Rubik's Cube. If you put them in a row, they will stretch from the North to the South Pole of the Earth.

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