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Once on television showed some reporting from Japan (this was before the tragic events of March). The plot shows the life of modern Tokyo - urban capital of the world. Skyscrapers, neon signs, the crowd, which to me looked like clones of each other. And suddenly the shot hit a group of guys who seem beings from one planet. They were dressed in strange bright clothes on their heads they wore armbands with some characters and their colorful hairstyles reminiscent of an explosion at the Pasta Factory. Monotone speaker said that Naruto cosplayers gathered for the annual festival of fans of this anime. The camera has stopped for a few moments at the cosplayers - they do not move as people in the crowd: they are constantly exposed arms forward as if defending himself.

Since I first learned about cosplay, and to be honest, not really surprised: after Japan - a country, a different culture, they can come up with anything. But I soon saw another report, this time from Russia. Illuminated festival fans of Tolkien, the so-called tolkiyenistov. The participants seemed to have gone off the screen trilogy, Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" - their images copied its heroes to the smallest detail. The announcer spoke again about cosplay. Then I realized that this phenomenon is not limited to one country of the rising sun.

Cosplay - short for «costume play», t. E. 'Game suits. " Actually, cosplay in the broadest sense can be called a masquerade, when a man disguised in some well-known characters (fictional or real). But among cosplayers considered true art of changing the player not only copy certain elements of the image, but also identifies with the character, taking over his facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms. In other words - begins to live the life of the beloved hero. Furthermore, this cosplay involves finding a way of not only among other cosplayers, but also the introduction on Wednesday inhabitants. Roughly speaking, if you are in a suit Crocodile Gena came to the masquerade - it's not a real cosplay and cosplay true - is if you are in a suit crocodile defiliruete the boulevard and play the harmonica)).

Cosplay on anime "Death Note»



Well, these characters needs no introduction

In Japan, cosplay earn huge money. If before the players produced costumes themselves, now at their disposal - hundreds of stores on Trade cosplay attributes. Reincarnated as your favorite hero - the pleasure is not the cheapest, but it is quite affordable. For example, a suit conductor of souls from the anime "Bleach" costs around $ 250.

Not only literary and movie heroes can be a model for cosplay. So popular is also the reincarnation of the characters in video games ...

Cosplay for Fallout

Cosplay for Final Fantasy

... And iconic characters from the world of music.

All images of Lady Gaga


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