Suit Dead Space 2 with their hands

If you are an avid fan of the game Dead Space 2, this self-made cosplay costume of the main character of engineer Isaac Clarke you just love it!
It turns out that to make such a cool costume fantasy Dead Space 2, Isaac Clarke who defended not so difficult! Be sure to look further, as it can be done with his own hands and appreciate this cosplay costume, which is obtained by.

After careful study of sketches, was approved a plan to create a futuristic armor.

Making calculations were made six special "ribs" for chest protection and painted silver.

With a little thought, it was decided how to make the relief of the back side of the suit.

After the treatment, special putty, protection began to take the familiar outlines.
After curing, the workpiece material was painted with gold color, and has been installed fluorescent light cord.


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