Diving suit

Before the advent of space suit man invented and perfected the other long suit - diving. The ocean was the first foreign environment, where we sent a representative. And the evolutionary path that went to study costume ocean depths, is amazing.

The first device to dive to great depths of the English Astronomer Royal, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics and demographer Edmund Halley, the end of the 17th century

"Bell sank to the bottom. Then assistant put on the head of another, a small bell, and was able to look a bit like on the bottom - as far as it allows the handset through which he breathed in a large bell remaining air. After that, the top were dropped barrels of additional air supply, weighted load. Assistant found them and pulled the bell ".

Suit for immersion French aristocrat Pierre Remy de Bova, 1715

One of the two hoses stretched to the surface - the entry of air to breathe; the other served to remove exhaled air.


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