Drawings and ducks

Did you know that in France the victims of practical jokes always called him "April fish" because there is a paper fish fastened to the back of the object of jokes. However, all this is minor compared with the way like to joke on the Internet. Take a look at the list of some of the most popular draws and ducks. Petition "Death Star" (weapons of "Star Wars, which blows up the planet»)

In early 2013 attracted the attention of the online petition on the official website of the White House. According to the site, if the petition gained 25,000 signatures, and so it deserves to be considered the ruling government. It was this petition gained 35,000 signatures.

The official response of administration contained, that the amount claimed in the 850 quadrillion dollars was too high, and the president's administration does not support the blasting planets. They also put forth the question: "Why should we spend taxpayers' money on countless Death Star for the purpose, which can perform single spaceship?»

Helicopter shark

This is the first true Internet "duck". In 2001 the picture appeared on the Internet and was struck by the naive Internet users. It is sent by e-mail with a statement that it is "Photo of the year» National Geographic.

In fact, it is a superposition of two images: one helicopter maneuver at the Golden Gate Bridge, the second - the white shark in South Africa. When this myth was refuted, the picture is still used in a variety of psychological and marketing research, even the National Geographic interested in it.

Serial killer Reddit

The girl who thought her uncle - a serial killer, has created a blog where I spread a proof of this fact. The blog had photos taken with "girl", which depicted the newspaper clippings that made her uncle, clothing, stained with blood, and other incriminating evidence.

Quick search Google immediately link this information to the various pages of Wikipedia on unsolved murders, there was suspicion. But it turned out that the blog, and a girl, and all the evidence - it was all fake. Soon, however, the myth has been debunked. But it is interesting that all played George Mason University students as an additional task.

Many Internet users said that the IP addresses of the students of this university should be banned. But this proposal was not supported.


Internet lottery, known as Rickrolling - this is when you, instead of having links provide a link to the video Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up".

A week before the opening in 2008, the New York Mets website asked fans to select a new song as background which would be played each night to attract the crowds. "Never Gonna Give You Up" was the winner and the new official song Mets.

Employees Mets were surprised as the hit '80s proved popular contemporary music. After clarification of all circumstances, employees are seething with indignation, but still included the song every six games.

Sending a pit bull into exile

PR campaign Facebook offered to send a hip-hop artist pitbull act Volmort supermarket, the post has received the highest number of likes. They assumed that the singer will travel to New York or Los Angeles, or, at least, to Omaha. But they did not anticipate that there has not been without David Thorpe and John Hendry site SomethingAwful.com.

With the help of volunteers from the expanses of the Internet, they were able to resolve the fate of the pit bull. A vote was taken, in what city, where there is a supermarket Volmort, the singer will perform. The most votes won the most remote island in Kodiak, Alaska, where he gained more Likes than the entire population of the island.

When Wal-Mart from Alaska won the competition, Pitbull said that he was not disappointed and went to the island. He also invited with Thorpe and Hendry, who contributed to his trip.

Save Toby

Toby was a pet, and Brian James, creators of the site SaveToby.com. They created a website in early 2005, promising that they would kill and eat Toby, if the site does not score 50 000 dollars by June 30. The site had photos and video Toby, as well as information about how they are going to cook.

Later James and Bryant published a book called "Only you have the opportunity to save Toby," which contained recipes for rabbit. They said that there will not sell 100,000 copies, they fulfill their promise.

Animal rights have stated that it is against the law, and tried to close the site. While they are closed by PayPal, which received donations, the site shut down and could not. An official statement read: "We have allowed the rabbits."

It appeared that the site was false, but nevertheless, the account received about $ 20,000.

Dub The Dew

Internet voting - a good thing, until you realize that the ordinary Internet user is not very important whether in this case any wrongdoing.

In this case, the company introduced a new Mountain Dew apple flavor, and Internet users had to decide what name to give him. As it turned out, no one took the survey seriously. The most popular titles are "gushing granny" (sentimental grandmother), "sierra mist," (haze chronosphere) and "diabettus" (diabetus). Eventually Mountain Dew closed the site when the proposed options appeared "Hitler did not do anything wrong."

Bald Bieber

Edited in Photoshop picture began the journey across the expanses of the Internet in the autumn of 2012. The picture was supposedly proof that Bieber cancer. Soon began to appear photoresponse - pictures shaved bald on the fans.

Another similar story happened in January 2013. After reports that Bieber is taking drugs, his fans took part in the protests, to force them to quit the idol slippery track. But both statements turned out to be ducks.

Taylor Swift at the school for the deaf
In 2012 the campaign was launched, which said that the singer will perform at the school, which gets more votes. It was another opportunity for Reddy and 4chan show themselves and cheat another celebrity. It soon became clear that the results of the vote Taylor Swift was to speak at a school for deaf children.

However, this school has been disqualified from the list of participants. Director of the school did not like it, and he said that even the hearing impaired children should be able to enjoy the music. To avoid problems, Taylor Swift has donated $ 10 000 schools.


In June 2006, 16-year-old girl began to spread to the network video of Sway everyday life on YouTube under the name "lonelygirl15". Soon she appeared subscribers. Then the girl said that her family is involved in some strange occult traditions, and that it keep the house locked. On her blog to sign more and more people.

Thousands of people were concerned about the girl's life, when it was announced that the page is a dummy. By the time many have a skeptical attitude to the situation, but it was so thought out that it took the whole investigation to find out that the heroine of the blog was actually an actress.

Shaw continued to exist, and has given rise to several shows on its grounds with dozens of characters to its final completion in 2008.



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