First. You deserve the best treatment.

Lovely woman - you deserve the best relationship your man. Understand it, penetrate it, and now only one man that will treat you much respect. It will just feel it, I promise you.

You deserve to man:

 - Periodically gave you flowers,

 - Periodically made you small (preferably large) gifts,

 - Respectful to talk to you, especially when outsiders,

 - The fact that you are more important than family and friends,

 - Perform household duties,

 - Periodically doing massage, etc.

Write a list of what you are, in your opinion, are worthy. Complement it with what you need and remove what you do not need. Periodically re-read it, and after a while you feel that you need it. And after a while you begin to gradually achieve his.

Some remarks on the standard objections.

Objection first, the most frequent: "I have a lot of flaws, so I'm not worthy." - This is absolutely not related things. The feeling of "I deserve, but in our case I am worthy" - the courage to ask, or to demand something. No matter who - at home, at others, a man or a god.

For example, you want to drink. Without a sip of water you will die. And someone has water. And ask: "Give me water." You people will give. Maybe you need to ask (Give water or you will be worse), and perhaps did not need to do.

Where do your weaknesses and your desires? You can have a thousand faults, but from what you can find them recycled or new, you do not stop thirsty.

And the needs of women. A woman needs a man to respectfully treated her, talked to her gently, sometimes gave gifts, and much more. Without it, she dies as a woman. What's the difference, how much you have shortcomings? Requests, or demands that you really need, or a part of you (mind, soul, business) will die.

If closer to our subject, it may be your man you instills a sense of guilt, for example: "I will not say the word love, because you did something, did not law and so on." Or is it you were vaccinated in childhood parents. Forget about it. You need something for a living, so ask for it, ask for it and it does not matter what you come up with it yourself disadvantages. Anyway, as you know, we all have weaknesses. Just believe in what you deserve better treatment from his men, no matter what your merits or demerits.

The second addition of this item. Women often think that men realize their desires, but do not, although these desires are obvious. Although it was not on paper, and I wrote a lot about it, but I will write again. Men do not understand women, and usually nothing to guess, especially if you are offended silence, or trying to say hints. Says the man clearly what you want from him, sometimes it is quite enough. Often, you can even hear: "Why do you say so before, and did not tell me that you hate or nice?" So, sometimes it is enough to ask.

The third addition.

Women ask in the first place is actually what you need, and then later on luxury. No need to ask for diamonds, if you lack the everyday, full communion with her husband or walking in the rain.

Second. Basis happy relationship between a man and a woman - is respect.

And how can there be mutual respect and happiness, respectively, if a man can afford to joke over the woman, rude, not to mention the assault, and the like? And there is mutual respect, and that cooperative relations deteriorate.

Therefore, such a conclusion, if a woman does so man became her respect, ceased to be ironic and rude, it makes a huge step to family happiness.

Accordingly, you are doing this not only for themselves but also for the preservation of a happy family, their children, in the end.

See how many reasons there are to achieve self-respect. The first reason - for himself, the second reason - for a happy family, the third reason - for children. (Even if they are not available, then the future)

Usually there is the following question: "How to achieve respect and how to put a man on the spot?»

This is the technique. If you know precisely what you want respect, if you feel that you deserve it, the methods of how to do it, sooner or later there will be. Several conventional methods for example. You can have their own ways, as men still different.

 - If a man jokes on you, and you do not like his jokes, you do not need to laugh with him. This will only encourage further "humor" on themselves. Tell me straight out that his jokes are not funny to you, and do not like. Do not accept excuses for men, it's just a "joke". Joke can offend people or destroy the relationship is sometimes faster than a direct insult. If he wants to joke, then let jokes on himself. Men often boastful, know everything, when in fact they know nothing, all taught, although they can not do it. In general, there is something ironic.

 - If a man is rude, it is not necessary to be rude to him in response. Confused by this, as a rule, is not enough. Say that his rudeness to you is unacceptable. They do not need you (woman), so to speak. If you want to coarser, then let him go with the men and rude.

 - Well, of course, purely feminine ways that are as bad sometimes act.

The first method - crying. If a woman starts to cry, it is often the male aggression begins to evaporate with every teardrop. Of course, do not abuse this way, and then it will be for a man, as a background. Yes, most importantly, through the tears do not forget to simultaneously explain the man because of what you are crying. Tell me, what are you crying because something because something. What if he says or does something like this, then you will become very painful, and you cry.

 - The following method. Long thought to write about it or not, but decided everything - still write. This female hysteria. This method should be used only in extreme cases and only if other methods fail. In general, once a year, and even if you got a good excuse, then to defend their rights with the help of it you can. But not more.

When a woman in hysterics, the man lost. Let's say you brought the man, and took dopёk. His jokes, rude or childish behavior exceeded all limits. The man played, has gone too far, well, in general deserved. And then you start to scream and shout. You express to him all that think about it. Do you remember his sins in the past six months. The louder you talk, the more plants. Any objections it leads you into an even greater state of the plant and, in the end, man surrenders.

Of course, it is desirable that hysteria was no insults (it is important that you are still aware of the fact that you say), and on the same subject, that is, the method of "broken record", which always works well. This is when you are on the same say several times, and do not give yourself to shoot down or lead him to the side.

For example: "Your stupid jokes I got." In response, the man tries to argue, vaguely muttering something. You: "I'm saying that I got your jokes, especially when others. These jokes offend me, etc. ».

I think you will understand more. Especially, this method works well if in real life you do not yell and such conduct does not allow. Once again I want to clarify - use this method no more frequently than once a year (and preferably once every five years), and indeed for a serious reason, when a man does not understand anything. Otherwise, the man will treat you like a hysterical and this method loses its effectiveness.

Some women say "I can not scream." Maybe in your family supermuzh and no pile sons, and this method is never to use. Then I am happy for you. Well, if it's not that perfect? Husband sometimes frankly something for years does not want to understand, and sons at the hands strayed. Then just need to learn to speak loudly. If not for yourself, then for the sake of happiness of the family.

 - Well, of course, not gone away one of the main ways - it is encouraging for when a man respectful attitude to you. Can you say that "I am very grateful that you are on a visit to her parents protected me from my mother (father), etc. I felt with you, like a stone wall. You're a real man, I'm proud of you "Possible detail and with details. Possible repetition. It's men like, well stored and then try to repeat, for which he was praised.

That's actually all I wanted to say about how to put a man on the spot if necessary. And this need, if you live with a man, certainly will sometimes occur. As the saying goes: "Give the finger to the elbow bite." This saying is fully applicable to the life of a woman with a man.

Sincerely, Rashid Kirranov


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