In short there is no place

In the morning, sometimes very difficult to understand that you just do not get enough sleep or really hate all?

Here dinosaurs became extinct, and the lizards ...

Who gets up early, the grandmother to the clinic.

In Forgiveness Sunday ... call the bank loan is not forgiven.

 - Are you jealous? - No, I'm smart and vindictive.

Sports - it's good, especially if the Range Rover.

After an hour drive with a blonde navigator asked:
 - Blah-I-I-I-I ... Well, where we are? !!

SMS from the mobile operator, "the caller called you 623 times. Do not give your phone number idiots!

 - Damn It! I have a feeling if I die, then his wife will come to his grave and say: "Especially died, just to do nothing!"


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