The best drawings of the 20th century (8 photos)

If the usual April Fools jokes like persecution passer with cutlass in his hand and shouting "You face white!" Become boring, try to be inspired by this article. In it you will find 53 best jokes of the XX century and 34 the worst joke of the XVIII century. Joke. You'll find 10 of the best jokes of the XX century, and everything.

Theft benches

Hugh Troy, fairly well-known in the early twentieth century American illustrator, loved jokes scale, with the involvement of the general public. In our time, they probably would have called a social performance and then Troy would give any grant, but in that distant time everything was done solely for the love of art. So we open our collection a pair of case studies of this remarkable gentleman.

Once Hugh Troy, dressed solidly as possible, went to Central Park with an impressive burden under his arm. On the lawn, he took off the wrapping paper brought a garden bench (just the same, which stood in the park), and sat on it to relax, what to absolutely no one paid any attention. But when park visitors grabbed the bench and pulled her to the door, there's the police whistled all the whistles. And it is in vain, as it turned out, because the gentleman without losing dignity, immediately showed the guards order a check on the newly purchased bench. Focus Troy was doing this for several days until finally become familiar police near each exit from the park. Then Hugh gathered friends, put them in a solid coat and organized a grand (though without much hustle and bustle) take away all the benches of Central Park with the connivance of the authorities. History is silent, that friends do with their booty on. Most likely, back to the place, to be enjoyed as a police panic.

Van Gogh's Ear

In November 1935 a major event in the cultural life of New York was the exhibition of Van Gogh's paintings at the Museum of Modern Art. Many of the exhibits have not been exhibited in the United States, excitement was terrible. Already known to you Troy in the company of fellow artists went there and was shocked by the huge crowds of onlookers lounging. However, nothing surprising there was not. As explained by one of the company's Troy, journalists here a week in all the newspapers admired the skill and originality of the French artist, especially emphasizing the story with his ear cut off. Ear aroused great interest even among people far removed from the post-impressionism.

Troy grinned and invited friends to come the next day, promising that you can easily see the pattern. And he kept his promise!

And only in one small room was packed. There on a pedestal in a velvet box was a small piece of dried meat. Strict inscription reads: "A fragment of Van Gogh's ear, which the artist cut off and sent as a gift to his mistress, a French prostitute, December 24, 1888". Of course, it produced a sensational exhibit of dried beef and then quietly set in the museum Hugh Troy.

Word and Deed

In London, the beginning of the century wielded his notebook joker - Horace de Vere Cole. He was famous for, inter alia, that under the guise of the Abyssinian king entered the military Dreadnought and relish his otynspektiroval for all the words of military exclaiming "Bong-bong!". But the main victim of it, according to legend, he fell himself King Edward.

Once Horace bought a pack of tickets to the theatrical premiere, which was attended by His Majesty, and under the guise of charity lottery has distributed them in the center of London completely bald people. When the unsuspecting "lucky" came to the theater and sat on the ground, their glittering crown formed obscenity, perfectly visible from the lodge king. Not that the premiere was disrupted, but - you understand ...

Holders rope
191. year

Another well-known drawing of Horace smaller scale. But it is simple, it is easy to reproduce using makeshift tools. So, having set his friends at some bar at the crossroads, Horace had promised them an exciting spectacle of "human passions" and went outside. On the corner opposite the bar, he stopped a passerby and asked him for help, and, with the agreement, the victim gave up the rope that I had to hold fast to the spot. On the other end of the rope Horace turned the corner, pulled her and then handed over precisely the same actuator citizen.

"It must be admitted that Cole was a perfectly good eye in search of a victim! - Later he recalled one of his friends. - He always chose the most law-abiding, hard-nosed and passive idiots who were sometimes almost half an hour! "The organizer almost immediately leaked to the bar to his friends and watched a magnificent moment when the patience of some of the holders of the rope burst, he walked around the corner and confronted face to face with his fellow sufferers. Indignation, recriminations, and even once the fight was crowned with the spectacle.

Large and small

Waldo Peirce

This rally is usually credited with the eccentric American artist Waldo Peirce, and he is also considered a classic of the genre. In 20-ies Waldo studied in Paris. He lived in a small studio in a traditional Parisian building with concierge - talkative, monstrously silly old woman who terrorized all the people who came to Pierce.

Once, on New Year's Waldo I did concierge gift - a small turtle. This is not something to organize their relationships, but the old woman a reason to grumble on the theme of "new concerns". Especially that bug soon began to grow before our eyes! Just a month it has become a monster that was clearly closely in one room with the hostess. On the one hand, it was a nightmare. On the other - on konserzhkinu turtle I went to see the entire area, and the proud old lady all day fell silent for a second. However, in one terrible day the turtle was suddenly seemed a little less. Then a little more ... The concierge knocked down. She dragged pitomitsy everything she could in her view has a turtle, and even tried to ask a local doctor. Nothing helped. Turtle smaller and smaller until it reached the size of the original.

Of course, all this time, Pierce and his guests took an active part in the life of the present. Particularly Pierce, who substituted for his own konserzhkinyh turtle specimens is more, sometimes less!

The main thing - the participation

In 1956, Australia hosted the Olympic Games in Melbourne. It was planned many spectacular ceremonies and, in particular, to bring the Olympic flame almost across the continent. This proved to be extremely difficult task. Misadventures chased the torch from the beginning to the athletes hit by heavy rains, which were followed by the sizzling heat. A couple of times the fire extinguished. The whole country watched this marathon. However, what happened with the torch in Sydney, is unprecedented in Olympic history.

According to the scenario, the famous Australian champion Harry Dillon (his face in the era of dotelevizionnuyu no one knew) had solemnly carry the torch through the capital, handing it to the mayor, that he gave speech and passed the torch to the next marathon runners. In the morning ceremony, thirty thousand sidneytsev took to the streets of the city. The excitement grew, and finally at noon Sydney swept hum: bear! Mayor Pat Hills majestically stood on the steps of city hall under flashes of reporters. Gracefully and solemnly he took the torch from the hands of the athlete and began his speech. And then on the first rows of the audience swept incomprehensible excitement and almost laugh. Mayor anxiously looked around and was horrified to find that his hand is not the Olympic torch, and the chair leg, topped by empty cans of beer, which blaze someone's boxers, generously doused with kerosene!

Admittedly, Pat responded to the incident with humor, almost dropping his dignity, as far as possible in such a situation. But the crowd was furious. Fortunately the author of the grand draw, veterinary students, Barry Larkin, it happened not once, he had already quietly went to the main square by tram. Of course, Barry is incredibly lucky. In the bustle caused by the delay in Dillon, a student wearing white shorts and a t-shirt that appeared from around the corner at the edge of town with a flaming object in his hand, easily mistaken for a torchbearer. At one point even joined him to the police cordon, enclosing a runner from the onlookers and give acting even more credibility. Finally, the mayor for some reason was not surprised when the fake champion, instead of posing reporters on the steps, slowly came down and mingled with the crowd.


Another rally, which targeted the whole city, occurred in 1974 in Alaska. On a clear summer morning, residents of the town of Sitka set to their normal business. Meteorologists promise a long cloudless day, all breathed tranquility and peace. Suddenly, someone pointed out that from the crater of a long extinct volcano Edgekumbe, which stood at the foot of Sitka, flows a definite smoke! The cloud became thicker and blacker. City instantly covered panic. People hastily thrown into the car thing, children, dogs, and drove away. On the road for the first time of a traffic jam. Someone called the meteorological station, but there is absolutely nothing to understand. Finally detachment of brave men went up the mountain to see with their own eyes what is happening there, and found in the crater of the volcano local inveterate prankster Porky Bikar, who was standing with a bottle of whiskey and laughed loudly next to a huge pile of burning old tires!

No, really!

Three events that were not completely in vain taken seriously.

1. The tsunami which covered Hawaii in 1946, apparently prepared in the sky with a particularly ironic smirk. The fact that it came on the island is just the first of April, so very many people shrugged off warnings from both another stupid joke. Only when the wave struck on the horizon, the Hawaiians have understood the seriousness of his position and began to hastily evacuate. Killing more than 150 people.

2. A similar thing happened in 1980 in the city of Belomorsk (Karelia), where in broad daylight was completely burned acting fire department. As you have already guessed, the air was April 1, fire and relaxed, sitting in his porch, never ceased to be surprised stupidity and persistence of the townspeople, who stubbornly tried to play them, shouting about the fire behind them. Wind, as an evil, attributed the smoke to one side, so that the fire was discovered at the last moment.

3. The third case, a platypus, completely devoid of tragedy. For a long time biologists around the world were convinced that the stuffed platypus, which were brought from Australia, - the usual fake handicraft such as "mermaids", made of fish tails and monkey body (also very popular at the time, a souvenir). Only in the nineteenth century, when scientists are faced with an animal face to face, it has been inscribed in biological atlases.

Kittens canned

The most cheerful US university MIT considered. His students struggled support this honorary title. They could, for example, drag the dome on the front of the main building a police car, a janitor is sticking a receipt for parking in the wrong place, and the radio antenna was attached to the banner "Forward donuts!ยป.

However, we are not talking about it. In 2000, when computer networks were still for most people wonder MIT-students staged one of the most brutal online lotteries, the resonance of which is not extinguished until now. Also, incidentally, a classic of the genre. So, at the end of the year on the Web rumors about the monstrous website It was a club shop, where visitors are invited to get acquainted with the basics of growing "kittens individual and highly original form." The following is a guide, according to which the kitten was placed in a sealed glass vessel with a feeding tube and waste. Within just a few months, the site promised, change the shape of the animal, and - "ready unique pet that will cause envy of all your friends." Those who do not want to mess with "forming" their own, bonsaikitten offered "ready-made kittens unusual shapes, grown by hand by our experts." Novoyavlenny photoshop accompanied by persuasive advertising images.

The site has caused a major stir immediately after its introduction. Defenders of animals suffocated by anger. Despite the fact that very soon after the beginning of the scandal MIT-student admitted that it's just a joke, angry fans of the kittens were not going to subside. In 2001, under pressure from the Humanist Society of the USA it organized a special investigation of the FBI, which found that no "bonsai kitten" does not exist in nature. However, the site pops up periodically on different servers so far, and the defenders of animal each time its about having fun bryzzhut vegetarian poisonous saliva.

Gold, diamonds

Another famous rally, which was the victim of the Hollywood elite, is credited with the American master of disguise Jim Moran. In 1947, the main news of the season in Hollywood was a visit to the Prince of Saudi Arabia. It was the beginning of the emergence of the Arab treasure in the international arena, and everyone expected the savage in burnoose, studded with diamonds. Finally, His Majesty arrived and immediately plunged into a series of social events. Those who attended a dinner or a party with a prince (as well as those who have not visited), non-stop discussing his clothes, manners and treasure in all the fashionable Hollywood locations.

In the midst of the bustle of Jim Moran got hold of an Arab dress, wrapped in a poosnovatelnee, extras hired two Arab appearance and said in a famous restaurant Ciro's. As soon as the newly Arabs crossed the threshold around the institution immediately rushed whisper - guest "learned." Moran stepped on the heat and even in the locker room began handing out gratuities sparkling stones, which he took out a voluminous bag goat skin hanging from his belt. Dinner was the best possible way, and everything, including the latest dishwasher, received a stone by stone from the "Arab prince." Finally Moran slowly stood up and walked across the room. Right in the center, he awkwardly dropped his bag, and all over the floor rumblings diamonds, rubies, emeralds ... Servant "prince" was rushed to collect household, but "his highness" condescending gesture, and before the eyes of an astonished audience left the hall. Naturally, as soon as the honored guest burnous disappeared into the locker room, in the restaurant there was a terrible commotion from overturning tables, lacerations ladies' dresses and other unseemly fuss in the spirit of silent comedies. The next day there was full disclosure: the stones appeared cheap jewelry. A photographer dined at the restaurant seems to be spread around Hollywood photo guests Ciro's on all fours. However, this part of the paparazzi might be fiction, because biographers Moran shots in the end did not find.

Dance Fuhrer

Finally, completing our collection draw with Hitler. Admit it, it would be blasphemous to write the history of anything of the twentieth century (because we, as always, started a serious academic research!) Without Hitler.

So, 21 June 1940, France signed a surrender to the forces of Nazi Germany. The ceremony took place at Compiegne, in the same place where in 1918 the previous Reich surrendered to the mercy of the victors in the First World War. It was a moment of greatest triumph of Germany, who shot chroniclers with cameras from all the world's major news agencies. Soon in cinemas all over the world were historical footage. However, in the anti-fascist coalition was a surprise for the audience. By signing the document, and stepping aside with a tragic expression on his face, the Fuhrer suddenly played the most ridiculous dance in the style of Charlie Chaplin!

Of course, in reality, Hitler did not dance. Comic episodes compiled and inserted into the chronicle of John Grierson, director of the Canadian news agency, which said that the Fuehrer, retreating, highly raised leg. This awkward step looped, so get like Hitler on goat jumping up and down. Since before the rewind button on the remote it would take another half-century, unsophisticated moviegoers all over the world took dance at face value and very laugh at ridiculous dictator. This, incidentally, was one of the few cases when the rally really served as a high humanistic goals. Although in the end, he, of course, was still used by us for idle entertainment.


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