Underwater Exosuit suit will turn the diver into a submarine

Weighing in at 240 pounds and a height of 2 meter, this suit called Exosuit can be easily confused with the outfit of a superhero. You will also be not right, if you decide that it is the creation of value over $ 600,000 — the latest development of the NASA survival on the surface of Mars. In fact, the Exosuit is designed to study the water element. Suit from a Japanese company Nuytco Research is actually the latest and the greatest achievement of the "diving" of the industry today. Designed for depths of 300 meters, this supersuit ensure the safe diver stay under water for up to 50 hours. And the special design of the 18 joints making the costume is so maneuverable that a diver can swim on their own.

Diver Michael Lombardi, "pilot" is the only one existing instance Exosuit, this summer plans to go down to the bottom of the ocean to study bioluminescent fish. Lombardi has high hopes for a new suit: "For one 7-minute dive, I was able to discover new types of underwater creatures. Now I can spend at a depth of 5 hours. It changes the rules of the game."

Source: techcult.ru


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