How to make a robot with their hands

Today we'll show you how to make a robot from scrap vehicles. The resulting "high-tech Android", though to be small and unlikely to be able to help you with the housework, but I most certainly will amuse both children and adults. The necessary materials to make a robot, you do not need the knowledge of nuclear physics. It is possible and in house conditions to make a robot out of ordinary materials that constantly is at hand. So, what we will need:
  • 2 piece of wire
  • 1 motor
  • 1 AA battery
  • 3 pushpin
  • 2 piece of foam Board or similar material properties
  • 2-3 heads old toothbrush or a few clips

1. Attach the battery to the motor using glue gun attach a piece of foam Board to the housing of the motor. Then glue to it the battery.

2. Destabilizer This step may not seem entirely clear. However, to make a robot, it is necessary to make it move. Put on the motor axle a small oblong piece of foam Board and fasten it with a glue gun. This design will give the motor imbalance and causes the robot to move.

At the end of the destabilizer drip a few drops of glue or attach some decorative element — it will add the robot personality and increase the amplitude of his movements.

3. Feet it is Now necessary to provide the robot's lower limbs. If you use this head toothbrushes, glue them to the bottom of the motor. As a layer you can use the same foam Board.

4. Wire the Next step attach the two cut wires to the contacts of the motor. Can they just tie but even better would be to solder them, this will make the robot more durable.

5. Connect the batteries Using melt, preclean wire to one end of the battery. Can choose any of the two wires and either side of the battery polarity in this case is not important. If you're good at soldering, in this step, you can also use solder instead of glue.

6. Eyes as eyes of the robot is quite suitable pair of beads that are attached by adhesive to one end of the battery. In this step, you can show imagination and come up with the appearance of the eye at its discretion.

7. Start Now let us revive our robot. Take the loose end of the wire and attach it to the unused battery terminal using adhesive tape. Should not be used in this step, the hot melt adhesive, because it will not allow you if you need to turn off the motor.

And that might look like our homemade robot, if you show more imagination:



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