6 spectacular military robots

We are confident that in the near future wars will be fought exclusively by "smart" machines that do not know fear and not feel pain. These developments take place in most developed countries. We offer you a selection of six existing military robots that will appear on the battlefield in the coming years.

1. Kuratas

The Japanese have long been fighting dreamers humanoid robots have finally managed to construct the first working model of this machine: the height of the robot called Kuratas is more than four meters, and weight - more than four tons.

Machine control several options: in the "head" of the robot has a cabin for the operator, the person who manages it with the help of touch screen and two joysticks and a second version control - the usual smartphone.

Armament robot until it's too impressive - an experimental model is equipped with two pistols and two rotary machine guns, but you can install it any other weapon. Mandatory part is the ability to automatically capture objectives that will allow you to fire at moving targets.

The robot can buy: it costs $ 1, 25 million, and, of course, an individual it is unlikely to be sold, but orders from countries manufacturing company «Suidobashi Heavy Industry» already taking.

2. "Scorpion»

"Scorpion" designed for special operations to combat terrorism and prevent the threat of armed attack in an urban environment - it is assumed that this development will greatly help police and rescue teams: Aluminum Case "Scorpio" protected composite dispersion-ceramic armor, so it weighs relatively few.

Armament robot is impressive: it is installed on the two tank PK machine gun, grenade launcher and a pneumatic gun. Management "Scorpion" is carried out remotely by two operators, one of which controls the movement of the machine, and the other is responsible for maintaining the fire. Of course, on the body of the camera installed, which allows operators to see everything that is happening around, and video cameras located near the highly sensitive microphones that can detect even the direction of the loud sharp sound and transmit it to the operator.

"Scorpion" - the development of Russian engineer Semenov Dahir. Given this fact, as well as the relatively low cost of the machine - about $ 300 thousand - can be expected that in the coming years, the robot will appear in the cities of our country.

3. «X-47B»

Unmanned aerial vehicle was designed by «Northrop Grumman», its primary purpose - to carry out reconnaissance from the air and, if necessary, to fight. While the robot needs to be controlled human operator, but in the near future it is planned to equip it with an onboard computer that can independently respond to changing conditions. It is expected that by 2047 the ninth year the robot will be even more perfect thanks to artificial intelligence, which, though will be inferior to the human, but still be able to operate successfully and make their own decisions on the battlefield. The scheme works as follows: "Inspection - Orientation - Decision - Action».

Prototypes «X-47B» already exist - in 2012, the unit made a full flight, and this summer he has to make their own rise from the deck of an aircraft carrier and the subsequent landing because of the overload is impossible for an aircraft with a pilot-man aboard.

«X-47B» can stay aloft for up to 100 hours through the mechanism of aerial refueling, the length of the drone - 11 m and a wingspan - about 10 m.

4. The robot snake

Robot snake has no legs, and is therefore able to penetrate into the most inaccessible places such as collapsed buildings and rubble stone, which step or tracked vehicles for obvious reasons will not work, as the robot is able to climb on vertical objects, and as a basis for the development of the principles of the movement were taken real snake.

Moreover, such a robot can not only serve as a scout, but a deadly weapon: using the built-in accelerometer his body snake robot can automatically wrap itself around any subject. As long as it takes to make a cast of the robot, but in the future we plan to refine the model - the signal operator snake can wrap itself around, for example, legs and neck of the enemy and held firmly at the facility. It should be noted that the snake can now only "cling" to the object, but does not strangle him, the developers claim that "teach" the robot they did not intend to kill, but the potential to develop high. Perhaps the country will take it on board, especially considering the fact that the project is sponsored by the US Army Research Laboratory.


TUGV is a highly mobile tactical unmanned ground vehicle - this robot is designed NREC for the US Marine Corps. It is equipped with wireless transmission system, and thanks to the robot unit shestikolёsnomu excellent moves on the terrain. Controlled robot man through manual control unit fits easily in a backpack, moreover, one can see all the same that "sees" through the robot installed on the device camcorders.

The main purpose of TUGV - exploration and support of infantry, in addition, the robot is equipped with a system to detect nuclear, biological and chemical agents. If necessary, it can signal the operator to shoot point-blank range, which will provide additional cover moving column.

6. Flybot

Flybot is a copy of an insect and is designed primarily for reconnaissance in remote places. Due to the fact that the robot is almost imperceptible, and its size - no more than two cm, it can easily penetrate into the danger zone for a person and transfer all the data to the operator. It weighs a few grams and is able to fly, and, moreover, it does not require charging - the power of the robot is carried out thanks to the solar panel.

Remotely controlled robot and, of course, is equipped with a tiny video camera, and it is able to capture the presence of chemical and nuclear weapons and to submit the appropriate signal to the operator. Of course, kill the robot does not yet, but the fact that he may have enough to change the tide of battle or war.


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