Blurring the boundary between the robot and the human (23 photos)

In Tokyo, regularly hosts international exhibition of robots, which attracted the most attention models of robotic androids. Although the development of such robots is still in its infancy, some already very similar to humans. See for yourself.

1. A member of the Science Museum plays with the robot BERTI a "rock-paper-scissors" in London, February 17, 2009. BERTI was built specifically for the simulation of human gestures. (Peter Macdiarmid - AFP / Getty Images)

2. Robot HRP-4C at the exhibition Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, October 22, 2009. (Toru Hanai - Reuters)

3. A dentist is trained on the robot-patient named Hanako Showa Showa University in Tokyo, 25 March 2010. (Koichi Kamoshida - AFP / Getty Images)

4. Student, University of Tokyo Hikari Asano and like her robot Pikarin in a suit to gain muscle at an exhibition in Tokyo, October 3, 2007. University created a robot that can simulate emotions such as happiness, joy, anger, fear and surprise. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

5. The robot is named Saya and students during a demonstration of the robot in an elementary school in Tokyo, May 7, 2009. The robot, developed by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi, can speak different languages ​​and to simulate different facial expressions. (Issei Kato - Reuters)

6. The robot HRP-4C growth 158 cm dancing and singing at the exhibition Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo, 17 October 2010. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

Figure 7. Cameron Phillips at the show terminators in Tokyo, March 18, 2009. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

8. Angela Merkel and the robot "Justin Space" exhibition ILA in Berlin, June 8, 2010. (Johannes Eisele - AFP / Getty Images)

9. ASIMO, a robot created by Honda dancing on stage in Sydney on November 21, 2007. (Greg Wood - AFP / Getty Images)

10. The robot named Kansei shows expression of "happiness" (one of 36) during the demonstration in the laboratory Meiji University in Kawasaki, June 4, 2007. (Yuriko Nakao - Reuters)

11. Robots Whakamaru participate in the formulation together with the actors Minako Inoue and Hiroshi Ota on stage Preview experimental theater in the world of humans and robots, November 25, 2008. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

12. At the head of a man wearing a special device for measuring currents of the brain, on March 31, 2009. The Japanese have created an interface with which you can control the actions of the robot «Asimo» by thought. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

13. Robot ASIMO at a press conference in Tokyo, Dec. 13, 2005. With improvements, the robot can walk, holding hands, running at a speed of 6 km / h, carry things, to roll a cart and run around. (Koichi Kamoshida - AFP / Getty Images)

14. The robot created by the Taiwan National University, simulates emotions, Taipei, October 19, 2010. (Nicky Loh - Reuters)

15. The designer puts on a wig of the robot, making it similar to the famous Japanese bacteriologist Hideo Noguchi, March 2, 2009. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

16. Presentation of the robot REEM-B, created by Pal Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, June 11, 2008. Robot growth of 147 cm can walk and navigate the buildings, interact with objects, take voice commands and recognize faces. (Stringer - AFP / Getty Images)

17. Model touches Face Robot «Geminoid-F» at a press conference in Osaka, April 3, 2010. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

18. Robot «Twendy-one», developed by Waseda University, takes a piece of bread out of the toaster at a demonstration in the laboratory, Tokyo, November 27, 2007. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

19. Kagawa University Professor Hideyuki Sadava shows the speaker and singing robot vocal cords which can mimic human speech. July 13, 2011. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)

20. The robot, called «I-Fairy» is present at the wedding as a witness, Tokyo, May 16, 2010. (Yuriko Nakao - Reuters)

21. Visitors to the CeBIT IT-examine the robot «RoboThespian», created for learning, entertainment and communication. Hanover, March 1, 2011. (Johannes Eisele - AFP / Getty Images)

22. A child looks at the robot Nao, created by «Aldebaran Robotics» exhibition «InnoRobo» in Lyon, France, on March 23, 2011. (Philippe Merle - AFP / Getty Images)

23. The remote control of a robot exhibition in Tokyo on November 9, 2011. The robot, developed by «Kyokko Electric» controlled remotely using gloves and 3D-glasses. (Yoshikazu Tsuno - AFP / Getty Images)


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