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In Karaganda, is now an exhibition of robotics. We decided to go with the kids today to see, and it was very interesting ...

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The most recognizable, fans of Star Wars exhibit at the show.


The most harmful and nasty robot is on display)), because only controlled by voice commands, and only in English.
And since it is our emphasis, the robot does not always understand the command, and therefore will not listen! ))


From original robot starring in the film, this one is different in size (smaller than a bit more than three times), and functional, although it sew over fifty voice commands to the robot, each time reaguret differently.


Intelligent dinosaurs.
Ability to develop, there are three stages of development: newborn, baby and teenager
During the whole period of development, they develop their character, laid a certain set of habits. That is for them absolutely have to look and they must be dealt with.


They see and hear everything that happens around them, they are able to respond to touch, and if their pet, they will show their view that it is nice! ))


From time to time they get tired, and therefore fit to sleep. To feed their need to "litstochkami┬╗
You can teach them almost everything, anything, and even after a certain time, they are able to remember his owner. That is, they remember his face, some other items, and then they begin to treat it ka as a parent.


Robot animatronic model Chimpanzee


Such robots are generally used in filming, if it is impossible to remove natural animal. But the movie was filmed more complex models, and full-size.


This robot is also quite developed in the nose he has the camera so he can see and hear what is happening around him, and accordingly can react


Robot nurse


Designed by the Japanese company WowWee, for children who are beginning to speak English
equipped with a set of cards programs, depending on the choice of which, it can perform different actions. He can sit at night with a baby, tell him a story, or play educational games.


Equipped with sensors, the sense of touch in places marked with traces of legs. if the pat on the head, he would laugh and say what he likes! ))




The world's first robot-girl. She can not talk, and conveys his emotions set of different sounds.


Operated by remote control, or by means of sensors located in its head and hands.


She knows how to walk like a girl knows how to dance like a girl. Even know how to kiss! ))


There are three kinds of kisses, friendly, in love and in both cheeks! )), Each kiss, accompanied by sound emotions! )




Large, mobile robot. His legs are equipped with sensors, so if during the walk, he stumbles upon something, then he understands.
Is he the same vision, he can dodge objects.


Sufficiently advanced design of hands that are also equipped with sensors,
that is, if it has something to take in hand, you feel it.


Bright enough model is dancing.


Another photo




Professional model, constructed by the Japanese company Hitec.
By default, the robot is fully programmable. That is, when we open the box, it appears to us in the form of a pile of parts.
We collect it themselves, and all of the programs under it, too, is entirely themselves.


The various institutions that are engaged in the study and design of robotics doovolno often an example of this model, students are taught the principles of robot programming.


However, in the US and Japan, they have found a cool application. These robots can play football, can fight in general take part in various sports competitions.
Sufficiently strong and heavy model, all parts are made of metal


He is standing next to his neighbor RoboBuilder, which has the bulk of the plastic parts. The result is that it is easier, quicker and smarter, but the complexity is comparable to its neighbor, this robot is often used as the drive, that is, robots dancers.


RoboBilderom named not by chance, because it's kind of the constructor, that is, instead of the "little man", using the same servo drives, you can collect a scorpion or a dog. You can also program the assembled creature, and it will perform the functions that it will lay the program.


By the way, if you hang on it several sensors that can determine the style of the music, and select it under their dance


US robot, unfortunately I do not remember who the manufacturer and the name.


It is designed so that even if he will turn, do not lose stability and quickly returns to the original position.
Operated by remote control, has 16 built-in programs for playing different games. In particular, the exhibition was built makeshift field for the game of football. In the corners of the site are improvised gates with sensors that intersect the approach of the ball, and a goal is scored.
Smart machine, is able to recognize obstacles. There is a kind of artificial intelligence, if you turn off the console, the robot will remain in stand-alone mode, inspection, to learn, and roll wherever he wants.
In this state, if you try to lift the robot, it will do its utmost to move away from capture, escape, wriggle.
He also equipped with a module Wi-Fi, and can be controlled remotely, even via the Internet.




Predator robot, manufactured by WowWee.
all the time in an aggressive state. Around all he sees and hears. It reacts well to touch. If it is a pat on the head, he will not like it, he will hiss. If you take it by the tail, he did not like, and the robot will try to bite.
Fingers in roti stuff is not necessary, because any object that hit him in the mouth, it starts to bite, tear, trying to eat.
If the robot to ignore for a few minutes at home, he has mastered, and if there is an animal in the house, whether it is a cat or a dog, he will perceive them as prey, and will chase after them.


Robot guard


Equipped with a camera and a scanner built into his eyes, so he sees all around him, and can shoot.
For example in the morning, going to work, it is possible to determine travel routes around the house, it will record everything that happens in the house in your absence. It has its own memory, so when he got home, you can connect to it directly, and see what happened in the house during your absence.
If the owners leave home for a long time, it has a wireless module, and thus allows the owner to remotely view what is going on in the room, as well as control the robot.
The robot has a very economical energy consumption, and charge its battery lasts about a month, give or take a few days.




Another animatronic, this time a model of the famous singer Elvis Presley.
One of the first animatronics that have begun to appear in all the world, and it is the prototype on the basis of which formed further development directions.


The truth is this prototype slightly redesigned for home use and can be used as a karaoke. At the bottom he placed connectors for microphones, and can be a duet performing songs from the repertoire of Elvis.
Mimicry robot corresponds to the words that he utters at the moment.




robot produced by the Japanese company TOMY


Due to its growth, which is only 16 centimeters, they were entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest robotic creatures.
Have more than one hundred and fifty different programs, and according to our desires, and can perform a large number of different things.


or controlled by individual remotes, or you can sync them to one remote, and one remote to control two, three robots.
The photo robots do exercises! )


and photo


RS Media


A later model, the above RoboSapien, production of the same company WowWee


They collected a little differently. the less mobile, but is equipped with a subwoofer. Therefore, the sound plays in a fairly good quality.
It can be connected to different MP3 players, flash drives. It has a USB connector and a slot for SD cards.


Like the older model, it has sensors in the legs, because understands when he stumbles. He has vision, is able to turn aside from foreign objects, can be monitored through the eyes of the subject.


The controls are quite complex. It is carried out either the buttons on the hand, and is responsible for playing music. Some commands can be given using the remote, but the basic control is performed when the robot is connected to a PC


and photo


WALL-E and his girlfriend EVE


Disney cartoon characters. In our case, two interactive robot which, through sensors communicate with each other.


Valley can be controlled separately. He also set oimeet programmed emotions ... Words do not convey, it must be seen, but my son was scared when the robot rolled on him! ))


And yet, he reacted to the outbreak of the camera! )) Leading asked to click the flash in his eyes, the robot already blinked! )))


Behind this all, you can kick, curse ...
I personally liked it! )) Wanted some instances to get hold of his home ... but damn, this is an expensive pleasure! )))

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