In Tokyo, opened an international exhibition of robots (11 photos)

In Tokyo, yesterday opened an international exhibition of robots, where leading companies and organizations robotostroitelnye Japan presented their achievements. Here you could see the robot athletes, robots and robotic chefs animals. Most recently, the US government worried about the theme of the Code of robots, so Isaac Asimov partly guessed our future in the novel `I robot`.

Topio robot knows how to play table tennis.

Shadow Dextrous Hand. Man manages cybernetic hand with a glove CyberGlove. Hand can perform 24 types of movement.

Man remotely controls the robot Wakamaru.

Genibo Robot dancing to the music. Genibo can recognize the owner and at the same time showing emotion.

Paro robot created for therapy. In the robot system is built generate different behavior mimics the behavior of the animal.


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