The White House ceremony "pardon" two turkeys

Today, November 26, on the last Thursday of November in the US traditionally celebrate the most favorite holiday of Americans - Thanksgiving Day. On the eve of the White House ceremony was held "pardon" two turkeys named Courage and Carolina, who were brought to the table to President Barack Obama.

1) On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, President Obama decided the fate of two birds donated by the White House to the American Association of the turkey. In the picture - Obama with daughters Sasha (left) and Malia. Left - chairman of the American Association of the turkey Walter Pelletier (Walter Pelletier) (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

2) At a ceremony at the White House, the President announced a "full and unconditional pardon" Courage and Carolina, selected by the Board of the Association for weight (20 kg) and spectacular appearance. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

3) Before the guests Barack Obama appeared with his daughters - Malia and Sasha and domestic staff, among whom was the president's chef Sam Kass (behind the scenes). (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

4) The ceremony of pardon on the White House lawn on TV. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

5) The President of the United States began to receive a gift turkeys, starting with Abraham Lincoln in the 60s of the XIX century. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

6) The tradition of "turkey pardoning" originated in 1947, when the first turkey was pardoned by the 33rd US President Harry Truman. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

7) After the decree read out, save the birds are sent on a special farm where it guaranteed the inviolability until the end of days. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

8) This year, the turkey will go by plane to California, where the amusement park "Disneyland" on Thursday will lead a parade of children's favorite characters. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

9) The President recalled the glorious traditions of America, whose inhabitants meet human needs, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but all year round. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

10) November 25, the president's family, led by Barack Obama took part in the distribution of food to Americans living below the poverty line. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)


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