Presidential official receptions

See a selection of shots taken during official receptions,
governmental dinners and similar events,
which over the years we have participated American politicians and various celebrities.

1. Queen Elisavet II with a serious look terrible jokes about California weather, and President Ronald Reagan happily laughing at a dinner at the Museum of San Francisco, March 3, 1983. (UPI Photo / Rypka / Files).

2. President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan talking with Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the White House at a government dinner Nov. 9, 1985. (UPI Photo / Tim Clary / Files).

3. US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (left) and Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai drink at a banquet in the Hall of the People 10 November 1973. In his toast Kissinger said the United States made "good progress" in terms of normalization of relations with China. He added: "We are determined to do better and as quickly as possible to complete the progress that began two years ago." (UPI / File) 46,841,866

4. US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (center) listens to US President Gerald Ford (right), which communicates with the President of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios the third governmental dinner for the leaders of 35 countries after the Conference on the Protection and Cooperation in Europe July 30, 1975. (UPI Photo / Files)


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