In France, opened the house stood locked in 100 years

In the town of Moulins, in central France, opened the house, which 100 years ago was locked up by the will of its owner Louis Mantin. It is noted that Louis Mantin fed to his house a lot of love. He did not want future generations to have forgotten it, so that created a such "man-made monument." As he wrote himself Louis Mantin, he hoped "the house will retain its appearance and atmosphere to a hundred years to give visitors the opportunity to see a sample of the urban residents of the XIX century." Louis Mantin died in 1905. It took some time, until the house could be turned into a museum. Now, however, objects of art, furniture, dishes are in the same places that were a hundred years ago, so that everyone can enjoy a piece of living history. Now the museum is already open to the public.



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