Robots at work and at play

Progress towards robotics is constantly going on in areas such as space exploration, health care, public safety, entertainment, security and many others. These machines - some fully self-contained, some depending on the person - are expanding our capacity, improve skills and go for us in places where we tread is dangerous. Currently, NASA has at its disposal dozens of operations with the use of robots - the satellites are already in orbit of the Moon and four planets, and two more will soon go to Ceres and Pluto. Collected here are photos of robots and those who work with them.

1. The robotic astronaut Robonaut R2A waving his "colleague» Robonaut R2B, which is sent into space aboard the shuttle «Discovery» on February 24th. (NASA / Joe Bibby) 56,744,348

2. Workers assemble robotic King Kong on the eve of the show «King Kong: Live on Stage» in the workshop of the company «Creature Theatre» in Melbourne. (AP Photo / Boneau / Bryan-Brown, Simon Schluter) 45,457,251

3. Robot US Army for mine detection and clearance of the work on the corridor Banadar, Garmsher District, Helmand Province, April 29. (Bay Ismoyo / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Technology watching robot MIS, working in the reactor vessel during the program operating at the plant «Bugey» in Saint-Vulbas, near Leon, April 19. (Reuters / Benoit Tessier)

5. US President Barack Obama decided to intervene to prevent the little robot to fall off the table, during a demonstration of robotic technology in high school in Miami on March 4. Obama visited the school with the former governor of Florida Jeb Bush and Education Minister Arn Duncan to consider the future of sponsoring education. (Reuters / Jason Reed) 82,247,310

6. 1, 58-meter-high humanoid robot «HRP-4C» Company AIST sings and dances at the exhibition of digital technology in Tokyo October 17, 2010. Company AIST has developed an entertainment software called "Horeonoid" - from the words choreography and humanoid. (Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images)


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