Symbols of Russia

Here are five favorite characters Russia and 10 other examples. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but it makes it clear that it is important in our history.

1. Moscow Kremlin and Red Square with the Lenin Mausoleum.

The Kremlin is the historical heart of Russia. Red Square - the place of the historic Victory Parade. The mausoleum can appease the greatest man of the XX century changed the world. To his foot threw the banners of the defeated Third Reich. And all that grows on the walls of the ancient Kremlin and is framed by a whole set of historically significant buildings, starting with St. Basil's Cathedral and ending Historical Museum, against which the Red Square for many decades, we see military parades.

2. Motherland.

The most powerful and monumental sculpture dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. It is absurd that even the question of what supposedly is not a symbol, and it should be included in any vote. This is one of the main monumental images of the most important war in the history of our people, standing in the midst of the Battle of Stalingrad, which was to put an end to the German invasion threatens the very existence of the peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union.

3. Peter and Paul Fortress.

For me, this is perhaps the main symbol of Russian tsarist Russia and imperial along with Aurora, one of the two main characters of Leningrad. It has converged all - and luster of imperial greatness rushes skyward unforgettable spire and the underside of the autocracy, when the fortress at the same time also becomes a prison, It is impossible to separate one from the other, are two sides of the same coin, and as a symbol of splendor and misery of the Russian Empire, which is more than 200 years I changed itself and change the world around them. Peter and Paul Fortress fits best.

4. The Brest Fortress.

Brest Fortress is one of the strongest impressions of childhood. In the great and tragic heroism of its defenders, concentrated the essence of the tragedy of the summer of 1941, when the future victory of 1945 was forged just such a hopeless resistance that the Germans considered suicide, but which had not only military and strategic, but above all the meaning, fine demonstrating that the war with Russia and the war with Europe - are completely different things. In Russia and abroad there are many places its military glory. Brest Fortress - a symbol of resistance and contempt of death, which is imprinted in death sentence on the wall "to die, but do not give up. Farewell to Motherland! ยป.

5. Monument to the scuttled ships.

Among the many monuments, museums and historic sites, the monument has a special place, as it reflects the role of Sevastopol as the main base of the Russian Black Sea fleet, which is for the right to possess, Russian soldiers shed blood for decades in a war with Turkey. And founded Sevastopol, Russia opened a series of brilliant naval victories, who scored the last Grand Admiral leaving from Sevastopol to meet immortality.
The monument raised in honor of the submerged in the harbor of ships, crews are included in the first defense of Sevastopol, bringing the epic siege of the city accompanied by massive feats of soldiers and sailors, lasted more than a year, and the story itself Sevastopol then finally and inextricably been linked to the fleet.

Someone may have a different set of characters, it's largely a private matter. ...

Monument in Treptow Park. Berlin.

Cruiser Aurora". Leningrad.

Borodino field.

Hermitage. Leningrad.

Space Museum at ENEA. Moscow.



Bronze Horseman. Leningrad.

Worker and Collective Farm. Moscow.



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