For that Putin decided to punish Ukraine

< Oleg Kozyrev

Putin's aggression against Ukraine caused solely by fear. Putin did not touch compatriots in Turkmenistan - it is easily exchanged all Russian citizens on the gas, they do not touch it in Uzbekistan, do not touch in Belarus (remember, Belarus, for example, easily stole and destroyed correspondent of Russian TV channels). Recall the country that offend Putin than it was touched.

Putin irritated Kyrgyzstan their unwillingness to live with dictators and corrupt, a country that has been able to overthrow the anti-people regime. But the revolution in Kyrgyzstan was too bloody and subsequently there were no serious positive reforms, so reaction to the Kyrgyz Republic was irritated, but still relatively calm.

Moldavia. There have already reached sanctions. How is it - Moldovans decided to overthrow the emerging dictatorship, did not want to turn away from Europe. But here, the reaction was of medium hardness, as Yet Moldova has not yet been jerked forward in terms of institutional change, and therefore does not represent such a strong threat to the Russian bureaucracy.

Georgia. Here the country has managed to infuriate Putin. Two simple things. First - managed to peacefully stop separatism in some regions of the country has become stronger against the will of Moscow. And the second - most importantly - successful anti-criminal and economic reforms in Georgia. It was a punch in the stomach. It seems to be a country with a Soviet mentality, and even with Caucasian features, the birthplace of thieves, took and could become one of the best countries in the world in terms of transparency, respect for the work of the police. Reports, blogs, news literally vybeshivaet Kremlin. So, reform the police - may not have to wait years for change, it turns out reforms in working with small businesses - are possible. You can build good houses, roads, bridges, build a cheap and nice.
So of course Russia gladly took advantage of an error (caused by the arrogance of Saakashvili, who lost his caution and wisdom and slightly lost touch with reality) Saakashvili, who moved from the peaceful way of uniting the country to the military. One shot in the direction of Russian peacekeepers was sufficient reason for Russia to answer all the power and help the Ossetians and the Abkhazians to secede from Georgia, apparently forever.

Ukraine. That's really a country-irritant. Ukraine twice dare seriously affect Russian policy. The Orange Revolution in Russia gave birth to a mass democratic movements, hopes. To suppress peaceful protest Kremlin had to create Centre E, Nashi, churvybory, advocacy-TV, internet-team, send the opposition thugs with bats, taking under its wing and nationalist movements okolofutbolnye, organize mass wiretapping of opposition leaders and civil society, to publish a bunch of unconstitutional laws , cancel the elections and so much more.
But for the first time the Kremlin at least lucky. Yushchenko and Tymoshenko carried away was torn and had no essential reform (for example, at least according to the Georgian sample). And then came to power Yanukovych that Russia did not carry any problems. Ukraine remained the CIS backyard with no prospects for economic development. Yes, there was pluralism, freedom of speech, but there was no development of the country - it's not too scared.

But the second Maidan has frightened the Kremlin is not a joke.
In the beginning, people scared resistance and unwillingness to live under a dictatorship, selfless willingness to fight for freedom, to help out. Kremlin scared internationalism Maidana, his rejection of fascism, all the more clearly manifested in the Nazi brutality Golden Eagle and the SBU, and flooded the city Titushky and, importantly, in-laws, who are trying to push the power. The whole country stood up as one against going towards a fascist dictatorship government of Yanukovych. Contrary to expectations Kremlin Ukraine has risen across the country - from Lviv to Simferopol. The nation is not only split, but on the contrary - teamed.
The Kremlin could not see how the Russian people was inspired. How he took the warmth and support of this protest Ukrainians and clearly, too clearly began to try activities Maidan already over.

And right would all end like this. In my opinion the Kremlin really scared when I saw that it is the people in Kiev took the hand. The way people stubbornly rejected misconduct traditional opposition - Klitschko, Yatsenyuk Tyagnibok. As people demanded lustration and serious changes - that seriously scared the Kremlin.
And then it became clear that the people at least at this stage able to achieve essential changes. Opened to the residence of corrupt people. The process of lustration - and know that lustration - one of the most good and positive developments in the democratic world, a form of amnesty and reconciliation, love and brotherhood, the most polite expression of evolutionary changes in society.
Photos Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister, who flew economy class on a normal plane - that's what really scared the Kremlin.

This, it turns out, not only the Georgian example, so also in the Ukraine officials have no privilege - except one - to serve his country, serve the people.

Could prone to tantrums fascist Kremlin quietly watch as next growing antifashiskoe democratic, effective state?

Okay Georgians - their language who understand something? But a Russian sit in the Internet and all in Ukrainian already understand. They see as the voice of the Maidan, hear performances of Ukrainian politicians, not to mention the fact that 70% of these performances - in Russian (and Ukrainian for the revolution has already learned to understand!). No, that Putin could not stand.

Ukrainians, I see your circulation, where you are trying to convey to the Russian what you are internationalists, that there are no problems with either Russian or the Russian language. And you do not understand what exactly here that your love for each other, this is your solidarity, that your ability to dream and hope for the best, the ability to achieve their ideals - that's it, and the only thing that irritates, scares, enraged the Kremlin. It is in your freedom, internationalism, brotherhood and Putin sees a serious and real threat to themselves.

And you know what - Putin is right. Freedom, brotherhood, internationalism, the development, the success of Russia - all this with Putinism really inconsistent.


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