14 most interesting views of the residents of London about Russia and Russian

This time, called the three associations that come to mind when it comes to Russia, and Russian, asked residents of London.

- Yogurt. Snow. Matryoshka. Yogurt - because the first time I tried the yogurt was in Moscow as a child, I was very impressed. Snow - is also a childhood memory, I remember the incredible snowfall, I never had ever seen in my life. Matryoshka - my favorite thing in my room is a collection (bought in London at a flea market). (Maria Chambers, director)

- girl. Car. Chill. My girlfriend was from Russia, it is the first association. What beauty do you have there, tall, slender, fair-haired. All of the above me! I do not know why the machine, but immediately comes to mind. By the way, next year I will go on a visit to Moscow at Christmas, can not wait to be very interesting. I put a visa at the border, I'm a Turk, we have no problem with that. (Zaza, the owner and chef of the Turkish cafe)

- Taiga. Matryoshka. Hi. Taiga - an area quite deserted, as the spirit of Russia, a certain image of nature. Matryoshka - a doll designer, a typical thing for Russia, as I understand it. Well, "Hello!" - And I say this to all Russian friends, they smile back. (Quentin Uber stylist)

- Gay. Blizzard. Red. I know that in Russia the topic of homosexuality is discussed from different perspectives. Always gets the news on this topic. Snow and blizzard come to mind, as the Russian cold. Although Samara seems to be not so cold, but in Siberia - very, very much. Red color - a symbol of Russia, national costume color, the color of the cheeks Russian beauties, the color of communism. (Dino Bonatsich producer)

- Powerful, huge and cold. I have never been to Russia, it is very far from here, but it seems to me that this country is really influential, powerful, and what a great! Of course, the cold - direct association. I would like to go to Russia. (Mike bud, the diner owner in east London)

- The Kremlin. Communism. Moscow. When I think of Russia, once there is this picture: the Kremlin, red bricks, colored dome. Also, communism - it's all a big part of the history of Russia. And of course, the main cities - Moscow. I have never been there, but my girlfriend is Russian. By the way, it seems to snow, lots of snow. (Imran Khan, a musician)

- Chill. Communism. Force. You know the American Will Smith? So here I am - a British version. He came to London from Jamaica 20 years ago. Now I drive a cab, it's an honor, I accredited black cab driver. When Russia warmer, I will definitely come. I think that America, China and Russia rule the world, it is. (Will Smith, the driver of a black cab)

- The Kremlin. Trotsky. Kremlin colorful, very, very beautiful and east, and the rest of Russia white. And Trotsky ... This is a very interesting part of Russian history. Poor Trotsky died. I studied it and was shocked at how everything happened in the early twentieth century. (Tony Singh, owner of a shop in the market Shepherd)

- Rudeness. Winter. Rich people. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Russia - is the lack of articles where Russian speaking English. Earlier at work, I often corresponded with people from Moscow and noticed it. It is a different culture of speech, why Russian often seem rude. Rather, it is a question of language. More about the rich variety of Russian, they are everywhere. Well, the cold ... there really cold! (Helen Voltering producer)

- Triumph. Power. Beauty. All Russian people that I meet on the way, relates that they are very strong, charismatic, powerful, active. And how many beauties from Russia, I am always amazed at how beautiful Russian people! How many beautiful Russian models, much more beautiful than the Englishwoman. (Savannah Sette model)

- Soul. Poverty. Nature. I was in Russia, for me it's really a generous soul, something very dear, poor people, old houses, but a lot of beauty. Estonia is not so far away, I even speak Russian. Scary envy those who can live there. For example, in St. Petersburg. I was very inspired by this city, the people, stunning nature. It is not enough Russian in London. (Hope Simonovic Dancer)

- Huge. Madness. I was in Russia, well remember my feelings, I feel that it is a huge country. And then it becomes absolutely crazy. I am from Finland, we are very close to each other. Both countries have one thing in common: for example, the symbol - birch. (Emmy Huuppa photographer)

- Intensity. Force. Eccentricity. I know a few Russian people, and these words are not only about the country, it's about them. I find Russian very energetic, strong. One of my Russian friend has pictures of grandparents, they sit, beautifully dressed in white and yellow clothes. I was so impressed with their images, which for five years now every day I wear something white and gold or white and yellow. Russia and influenced me. (Sam Phoenix, head of design at the fashion house)

Share - Snow White. Architecture. Accent. I think there is not often warm. Since I am an architect, immediately comes to mind Russian architecture, of course, the Kremlin. Accent - a distinctive feature of the Russian people, whatever foreign language they spoke. Perhaps this is because Russian - a very special language, so after it is not so easy to be reconstructed. (Tania Franco Klein, architect and photographer)


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