As the shaman lives Kohl

Author: On the third day of my trip to Naryan-Mar, we were invited to meet with the local shaman Nicholas, enjoyed shurpa and fresh venison. They said that not only meet, but there is an opportunity to ask the shaman personal questions that you want to know the answer.

On the way to the plague of the shaman has a beautiful snowy place. Plague are five kilometers from Naryan-Mar on the shores of Lake Youth

They came to the plague. We were told that the shaman is busy. At the entrance to the tent of his master faithfully waits Laika.

Ten minutes later, we entered the tent and greeted us with a shaman. On the stove is already boiled shurpa shaman put us at the table. The first thing he started with is acquaintance with chum. A little about the plague: the tent is a universal dwelling northern people. This portable conical tent, the shape of which is adapted, suitable for tundra. The conical shape is the most comfortable, as a steep snow slides down the surface of the plague, without stopping, so if you move to another location without raking and cleaning the tent can be disassembled. The shape of the cone makes the home stable in high winds and snowstorms. Normally herders tent - Khanty, Nenets, Komi, Enets consists of 25-40 bars and a few covers that fit when moving on special sledges. From the number of poles (and their length) depends on the size of the home: the more bars, the roomy tent. Dimensions plague also depend on the financial possibilities of the economy and the number of family members.

Shaman warned us that the plague of the six powers can not be a bad omen.

In the center of the plague is an oven that is a heat source and adapted for cooking. The heat from the furnace rises up and does not penetrate into the sediments of the tent: they evaporate from high temperature. Near the chimney hung with reindeer skins for drying and subsequent manufacture of the skin to the tambourine.


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