A white Samoyed husky

The snow-white, similar to both polar bear cub (in schenyachestve) and the white wolf (adult dogs) Samoyed Laika has appeared in the frozen Siberian tundra, many centuries ago. She was a loyal friend and assistant Samoyed people who lived in these godforsaken lands.

According to legend, it was the cradle of humanity Iranian Plateau, Over time, the people there were more and more. What gave birth to the earth, all have lacked a powerful and numerous tribes began to push its low-powered counterparts. Those moved farther to the north, through Mongolia. Eventually Samoyed - a tribe related to Sayan family - settled on the snowy expanses of tundra, stretching from the White Sea to the Yenisei River. Here they are from one generation to lead a nomadic life that is simply impossible to imagine without the deer. And four assistants.

Samoyed history goes back many centuries. This breed is considered one of the oldest - not without reason that it belongs to the group 5 Spitz and primitive types of dogs. The name of the breed got the name Samoyed tribe, who lived in Northern Russia and Siberia. These nomadic tribes (now - Nenets) needed a four-legged helpers who could carry heavy loaded sledges across vast distances, herds of deer graze in the vast expanse of northern and warm their children warm in the hardest frosts. That became an indispensable tool for them Samoyed Husky, which is now more commonly called Samoyeds.

In those days they were called Belka or belkery and current name - Samoyeds, they received in honor of the peoples who told them to our time in its pure form. And this - the merit of Ernest Kilburn-Scott and his wife - Clara. British zoologist Ernst Kilbrun Scott in 1889 spent three months among Samoyed tribes. Returning to England he brought with him a brown dog - a puppy named Dog.

Later he imported a cream colored bitch named Whiteley Pechora to Western Urals and a snow-white dog named suits from Siberia. These dogs and brought from earlier studies, are the founders of the western Samoyed. How to write in his article "On the conservation of cultural heritage" Sarah de Monchy and Peter Kaiser (Translation by Vladimir Beregovoy), "Ernst Kilburn-Scott and his wife Clara were the first who began a systematic and purposeful breeding Samoyed in the west.

It all started with a business trip Ernest Kilburn-Scott in Arkhangelsk, in 1893. He stayed there for two months, and by visiting the Nenets tribe living near the city, bought a puppy. Ernst never traveled deep into Siberia, but using a variety of dating in Russia, he was able to collect data about the dogs originating from these territories. This led to the construction of a large kennel "pharming", which became famous later.

In 1909, Ernest Kilburn Scott organized the Samoyed Club, which was the first Samoyed Club in the UK and in the world. In mae1909 year the club took the first factory breed standard drawn up by Kilburn-Scott (probably with the participation of Clara, which was in fact the breeder). " Thus began a solemn procession Samoyed World.

It was there, in the northern regions for centuries formed the famous rock. Current Samoyeds closest to primitive dogs - these hounds you will not find even a hint of a cross between a wolf to a fox. Severe polar sun and snow made the business: you just look at these beauties, throughout the year wears a luxurious fur coats.

Constant - from century to century, from generation to generation - the presence of a man near as much impact on their temper: Samoyed owner understand perfectly. The hosts also have long looked after the reindeer herds - shepherd and by nature should be first and foremost guardian, protector, but in any case not raiders. Who lead - on and rack. Not surprisingly, dogs, Samoyeds vary rare in the dog world qualities, in their almost childlike naivete and immediacy guess the character of primitive people.

For all that, the constant communication with the person is not transformed into a Samoyed sissies and capricious. Quite the contrary: it is rare workers. He participated in many Arctic and Antarctic expeditions Samoyeds have put a lot of records, which to this day remain unsurpassed.

Sled dogs, which had brought the polar expedition of Fridtjof Nansen, honorably withstood the severe test: each of them has worked with full dedication (another "heirloom" Samoyeds), managing to carry luggage, weighing a half times their own weight, With each new expedition - Jackson Hermsuorta, the Duke d'Abruzzo, Shackleton, Scott and Roald Amundsen in particular, reached in 1911, the South Pole - multiply glory Samoyed travelers.

In England, the breed first appeared about a hundred years ago - and since then almost every dog ​​show they figure very, very noticeable. They admired the Queen Alexandra, the descendants of her own dogs, Samoyeds can now be found in many nurseries in England and America. Now they have mastered almost everywhere. Natives of northern Siberia, once successfully crossed the equator. Relocate had no effect on their health, as evidenced by - Antarctic saga. Veterans Antarctic expeditions quietly moved the Australian heat and returned to England - and on family tree Samoyed sprouted a new branch.

For many, there is no one more beautiful Samoyed in the world. Indeed, the eye does not take: a large white dog with a friendly face and clever eyes. And be! As they say, well tailored so tightly knit. Excellent guard dog, faithful and reliable. While very sensitive and sociable. Special efforts Samoyed owner does not deliver. And if would have to engage in a fight - just do not back down. For all his independence, so typical Samoyed nature, incredibly loyal to his master and - in addition - easily adapts to any environment.

One look at even-Samoyed puppies enough to understand; This gave rise to a capital letter.

Samoyed Husky tirelessly pulled over a heavy sledge - "sledge" over the vast expanses of the North Samoyed Husky herding reindeer cold winter days and warm with its warmth of hosts and their children long and terrible winter nights, Samoyed Husky carefully looked after children Samoyed people at a time when they hunted. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the role played by the Samoyed husky, in the process of survival of the northern peoples in this harsh region! People Samoyed tribes trusted their dogs in everything and treated extremely gently and respectfully!

Samoyed Husky is recognized as one of the oldest breeds of dog, and, due to its isolation from the outside world (in the depths of the North-West of Siberia in the Arctic Circle), she passed unchanged through the centuries, it has retained its pristine! (Dog handlers include this breed to a group of "primitive breeds" it as clean as possible, because it managed to avoid the process of breeding and adding impurities).

Flawless beauty and a fantastic performance, presented by the nature of these dogs, shocked travelers - explorers, and they are returning home, took with him a few Schenk of this breed, named them "in honor of the" locals "Samoyed Husky." So Samoyed husky "arrived" in Europe and instantly became popular in the highest aristocratic circles, taking place even at the royal courts of Russian Tsar Nicholas and the King of England, Edward VII!

Samoyed Laika, in its normal state is not able to cause harm to humans, but there is a single case where it can "transcend his nature" and bite people - that's only if he tries to do harm, to hurt the child masters Samoyed! You'll laugh, reading these lines, but Samoyed husky loves cats. Unlike other breeds, it takes cats only as partners for the Games. (However, cats that usually do not understand!) Just for all its long history, Samoyed husky loyal learned to treat all living creatures surrounding her.

Are you confused by the abundance of "pros"? Do not believe in the existence in our world perfect? You are looking for the catch? But it is not here!

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