Steward will give you for your thoughts!

She was sitting in the bus and listening to player.
"Nothing girl, Kolya!" - Praised Kohl and sat down next to - "Legs straight. Chest zachotno. With a face only .. »
 - What I do not have to face, Kolya? - Suddenly she asked the girl.
 - All the way at all. Not ah, of course, but comely. With beer pull. - Nicholas continued to think aloud - Wait, wait ... And you know me from somewhere? Oh ... And ... And ... How about the face?
 - Alice Selezneva. - Had the girl - Yes, yes. I read your thoughts. What you called player - a device for reading thoughts. Mielofon.
 - Cool. - Kohl handed - they spoil here. Cool?
 - I do not dabble. I spend a scientific experiment, among other things. I always thought that the trolley - a thinking being. That and trying to catch his thoughts.
 - This ... Is it possible to listen to? - Kohl asked.
 - Of course you can. - Said the girl - I f the headphones hear what you think to do with me in case of failure.
Kohl put on headphones. Fifty voices whispered in his head.
 - Hey you, kazzel! - Kohl turned to the boy sitting opposite - What do you mean it - "You fool, this Gopnik player returns or break!". Who is here Gopnik, eh? The snout want? Ahh. Frightened? Yes! You have nothing to even think about it!
 - You're too calm! - He said to Alice - this is true - so true! I do not break!
The soldier will not offend the child.
 - Come on, citizens! - Kohl appealed to passengers - Those who have much money in their pockets?
 - Gygygy. Nichegosse! - Nick briskly approached the slender young man frantically compressive briefcase in hand. - What - just sixty tons of bucks are placed in the briefcase? Let me hold it, eh? I'll hold and I'll be right! What are you, light blue, with such sums in the bus ride? What did you take a taxi you harvest?
 - Wait, you fool! - Suddenly he was scared. - What gun - I'm kidding! Ezhzhay currently. It should be your money I '. You Won better vooon of pensioner afraid! If you only knew what he thinks - a heart attack would have been caught. With foresight grandfather keep an!
 - Citizens of the passengers! All your efforts not to think - are useless! - Cole was ever good - well it turns out that only UNV have bleached blonde!
 - This is my natural color! - Outraged blonde - YMCA ptushnoe!
 - Etyt! - Admired Kohl - Dolbisurraund straight! Do you know, my beauty, what do you think at some time later than talking about? Please tell me and I then headphones echo thoughts are given. Alice!!! Yes, I will return the unit - that you care! - Nick barked through the interior. He walked through the cabin, stopped in the women 25-27 years old, looked at her closely and said:
 - So there! Write down my phone - it will! It will be exactly as you imagine it. I'm an adult, do not be afraid! Stand .. all !!! Whose idea about "lucky bastard"? Who is the bastard? Whom I cut the word Fuck? Vychovasche? I'll Chikatillo here ?! I did not cut !!!
 - Kolya, he still thinks !!! - Joyfully shouted Alice.



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