"Oh, it is easy to deceive me, I delude myself happy ..." - this catch phrase of Pushkin can be characterized by the position of the modern consumer. Hundreds of products, which we presented as a revolutionary new, prove to be a modernized and well-publicized counterparts long-familiar things (take at least a miracle cleaners that are like cars))). But we are not on the vacuum cleaner, and about dolls. Yes, they also make good business sense. Modern dolls are able to almost everything - and to talk and to make the needs of nature and walk independently. But it's very expensive and collectible items that are not available a wide range of consumers. Therefore, the good old doll Barbie and Bratz tadpoles yet reign supreme on the market of toys for girls age 5 and older. But enterprising Japanese and then decided to hurry up and release its analogue of the most popular doll in the world. Meet Momoko - Japanese Barbie

In Japanese, "Momoko" means "peach" (the Japanese do not name - that flower or fruit, or a natural phenomenon - not that we have). This doll started to be issued in the early 2000s, but a limited edition and were intended for collectors rather than children. First Momoko were dressed up in national costumes and handmade worth at least $ 200. A few years later Momoko put on the conveyor and cheaper. It is noteworthy that Japan's core consumer categories of data are not the dolls little girls and teenage girls, 12-15 years of age. They entertain the fact that razodevayut Momoko and post their photos to social networks. So in some way Momoko - a fetish for Japanese girls

Accessories for Momoko. Photo from the blog of one of the Japanese girls

This does not mean that they are lagging behind in terms of development of our young people)) The fact that the doll Momoko is the material embodiment of the "bisёdze" - the ideal of female beauty in the Japanese otaku culture. Otaku - a fans anime and manga (Japanese comic book black and white). In Japan, millions of otaku different age groups, so it is not surprising that the demand for Momoko too huge. Bisёdze - this is the perfect girl for the otaku, bisёnen - the perfect guy (an analogue of Ken), however, dolls bisёneny reason is not so popular. In general, momoko doll is endowed with all the features the perfect anime character: big eyes, chubby cheeks, little nose. But, unlike Barbie, they do not have the Hollywood smile. This difference, IMHO, end

Last year, Momoko appeared in Russian stores (they previously could be purchased via the Internet). There is such a doll more than the average Barbie twice. 50-200 "green" - the price of Japanese Barbie. In my opinion, we just offer to buy more expensive that is the same as Barbie, but with the prefix «made in Japan». I do not argue, dolls are beautiful, but for the consumer who is not familiar with Japanese culture, will Momoko Barbie same, only with a slightly slanting eyes. So far, the rabid demand for them was not observed, and is unlikely to be once.


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