The husband or children. Who in the first place?

Today I will reveal another secret to a happy wife. The secret is very simple: the husband in a woman's life is in the first place.

Unfortunately, women with this secret do not own or know nothing about him, so not very many people manage to build a happy relationship with her husband.

Quarrels come and scandals. It ends the alienation at best, and at worst a divorce.

Why there are problems in the family? Because the woman incorrectly prioritizes. Today, women are torn between children, work, career, home, their parents, hoping that the husband will understand the employment and appreciate women's efforts, and her husband not only appreciates, but also offended and spoils to us life, which we've arranged.





Any woman dreams to have a happy family, a caring husband, children, beautiful, cosy house, and at some point, we, women, put the very idea of the family in the first place, and the husband becomes the only means by which we achieve this goal.

We get married, bear children, nurture them, lead them in a thousand circles, working for the good of our family, are all in the house and at some point forget about the husband, he is lost somewhere among our plans and goals to build a happy family. And sometimes even serves as an obstacle when expressing his displeasure.

And some even forget about her husband, once married.

Perhaps all this stems from our immaturity. Let us remember how the girls play in the family. There is a house, dolls are children. We cook, clean. Perhaps we go to the same girl-mothers to visit with their dolls. But, where's the husband? In games it is definitely not. And even more, no problem with the alignment of relations, quarrels and our work aimed to create a happy family. It seems that everything is easy and simple.

Then the girl grows a genetically inherent desire to create a family is implemented in life. Of course with the help of men.

Because children are not puppets, without a man they can't appear. And man becomes the means of achieving this childhood dream. The only medium. Isn't that why we all face in our adult life as a married woman with so many problems and misunderstanding? And this occurs from the fact that a woman continues to "play with dolls", not realizing that the man is the center of the woman that he is her goal, her king, and that nothing is more important than her husband and their love as a couple.

Very often problems in the family starting with the birth of children. The stories I heard since childhood that men are selfish, they get jealous of children, they need a lot of attention. Have you heard that?

And it happens because there is a widespread belief that the main task and the main purpose of women is to bear children. Motherhood is paid great attention. And all the energy and all the feelings women shrink back.

But the relationship between husband and wife become secondary and forgotten. But is it possible to have a happy motherhood and happy children, when the wife forgot about her husband and all his attention, love gives children? Is that why some men are bad fathers?

Many men do not notice the children, someone starts to drink, to walk, and some even leave their families.

Becoming a mother, the woman, too, somewhere is acting from selfish motives, directing attention only to a child: "it's mine, It's not going anywhere, will not betray, will not leave." And with this (man) still need to build something, to agree... this is All so very difficult. Women justify themselves, saying that "I am not a woman. I am a mother". But to be a mother and a woman is different things.

Did you know that becoming a mother, the woman includes the masculine energy? She cares, controls, feeds, protects, protects. And the man feels that he is losing his woman, and therefore rebellious, and sometimes leaves. But if not leaving, it becomes a child. And the woman with all the force begins to take care of him.

We, the women, their hands create competition between the child and his father. Often the child is the "trigger" the collapse of the family. So how exactly does a woman decides that now in her life the main thing – children. What makes a man? Jealous, angry or give up.

I have never understood why a father's jealous wife to his own child. I get it now. Woman, as I said, choose a reliable object of love, which "will not betray", "no escape", thus depriving the man the right to his love. You know?


Every man wants a woman was a good and caring mother, but no man wants to get lost among perform our sacred duty and as a means of attaining our well-being.


It is unlikely that the children would mind if you put their dad in the first place. "The happiest moments for children – these are the moments when children see the parents a couple. Then they are really happy and calm." Bert Hellinger.

Partnerships have the advantage over motherhood, because this man is always on the first place, asshe realizes that a woman she can only be with a man. Without a man she is not a woman. This is perhaps the most important conclusion for any woman.

As I wrote, all problems are from fear, from distrust, from a misunderstanding of your feminine nature. To put a man in the first place? Scary! Therefore, women in first place after the children often goes work, career, and personal achievements. And it takes a huge amount of energy, a woman coming home also wants to met her "wife", to not ask too many questions, not centovalli. Is it possible? No.

And we are back to femininity. And scary, and it is unclear how, and terribly difficult, but in this direction to move. Only a woman who can understand his masculine nature the opposite of the essence of accepting their feminine power with no fear to understand all your soul, why a man should stand in first place in its system of values. You and your partner, your relationship takes first and second place, children don't get third place.

And then all repeated and hackneyed saying that we can give your children what you have makes sense. We can provide a complete real family, love and respect to each other, the security and peace of mind.

Children need happy parents, and they don't need "economic marriage", saved for them. Children feel things very subtly. And the answer is not to break up or save the marriage for the kids. And the output that the woman first needs to realize that it is not playing with dolls and that her "house" there was a real, live man, and she should be a woman. published

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