What she did with these dolls - unbelievable. Here's how to really look the beauty, if they wash their ...

Every time buying daughters dolls, many moms are caught myself thinking that the modern manufacturers of children's toys have a very strange idea of ​​female beauty. Is disproportionate body with huge heads and causing terrible make-up can be a model of elegance and femininity for young ladies? It is often even do not dare say that some of the dolls have faces - it's more like a strange faces with strange and terrible grimaces grin. And where only podevalis those cute doll with innocent face, that we had as a child?

One Australian artist and part-time mother of two stunning little daughters, Sonia Singh agreed that children should not play with dolls, in which a ton of manufacturers nalepili vulgar make-up and dressed in God knows what. To her great surprise, the stores could only find such "not children's" characters. Then a caring mom decided to remedy this situation by taking into their own hands.

Sonia created the project «Tree Change Dolls», in which she reworks popular toys, giving them a more natural appearance.

Creative Mom buys in commission shops used dolls, carefully remove all traces of makeup, repaints them face and significantly reduces the size of the eye.

In this project, actively participate and other family members Sonia Singh. So, her mother sews and knits dolls "modest" clothing, as well as making new shoes. B>


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