10 practical advice for cleaning, after which your home will shine with cleanliness!

With the arrival of spring I want to constantly, not only sing and dance, but also to clean up the house! After all, the insidious rays of the clear spring sun illuminate the hidden corners, making a noticeable dust and dirt. How frustrating to detect dirty and dusty window sill ... During the winter in the house had accumulated so many places where you can not hurt to get out once again. These 10 tips will help you do the cleaning less expensive: you can replace household cleaning materials at hand. But the result is impressive! It is time to spring-cleaning, to work!

1. Cleaning the microwave
Pour mixture into a glass of vinegar and water 1: 1. Put the glass in a microwave oven, turn it on for 5 minutes. Couples water and vinegar will help to quickly restore order in the microwave. Just wipe it with a sponge.

2. Refrigerator
To facilitate the cleaning of the refrigerator shelves, to lay them with cling film. It is easy to remove and replace, if necessary.

3. Bath
Soaked in bleach cellulose wadding perfectly clean out the bath. Dec wool to problem areas and leave it there overnight. In the morning you will admire the cleanliness!

4. Grill on the plate
The grid will look like new if you've done it a trick. Put the grille in a plastic bag and add the 3 tablespoons of ammonia. Leave the bars lie in alcohol for 12 hours. No dirt will be left!

5. WC
"Coca-Cola" contains substances that are able to clean the toilet even more effective than those designed for the purpose of chemistry.

6. Small things
Boxes of eggs will help to organize the space in the box and put all the small things so that it was easy to find the right.

7. Lime
Unpleasant coating on metal surfaces cleaned with the usual lemon. Rub half a lemon faded area and they immediately begin to sparkle.

8. Machine
A small sponge foam on a long stick will get a speck of dust from even the most difficult months in the car. Do not forget to moisten the sponge with vinegar.

9. Blinds
To decide to clean blinds, you have to be really brave. But this is no longer a problem when the course is an old sock! Try as simply wipe it blinds. Sock on his hand and go!

10. Carpet
Stains on the carpet grieve mistresses. To remove the ugly stain, sprinkle it glass cleaner. Put on top of a piece of used cloth and iron the spot iron.

Cleaning can be converted into real entertainment! Bridging the beauty of the house it is best to include catchy music. And it's nice to enjoy the purity of then around and realize that such an atmosphere is created through the efforts of yours!

A pleasant spring cleaning you and your friends! Show them this story, inspire them to bring the house in order.

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