How to quickly and easily clean the bathroom for 5 minutes?

Just some 5 minutes to the daily cleaning - and your bathroom will shine constantly clean. Doubt? And you try!

1 minute
These sixty seconds you spend on that posobirat scattered things: on the surface of the shelves around the sink and on the floor. For example, the dirty laundry - in the trash, carcasses for eyelashes - a beautician and cotton pads - a tabletop. It's simple!
2 minute
Here we come to the high-speed cleaning. Rapid movements apply the cleaner on the toilet and the bathroom, and then purified with a brush or brush, wash off. Loop through cloth on a horizontal surface.
NB! While cleaning, try to use environmental cleaners or cleaners made independently (based on vinegar, mustard, or tea tree oil).

3 minute
This minute is devoted to "straightening" or "leveling". Carefully hang towels, put exactly jars, flatten the curtain for the bathroom. With this task can be handled in less than 60 seconds!

4 minutes
We are in the home stretch! These 60 seconds dedicate mirrors and faucets. Rub them to a shine and smile at her reflection.

5 minutes
Not enough for something long? Then this minute - replacement. You can use it for cleaning, and can for yourself - do exercises for the eyes, a warm-up for the hands or neck massage.

The secret
Getting Started with the instructions, remember that they need to perform on a daily basis. 5 minutes is easily broken down into five one-minute per day approaches. And then your bathroom will shine purity 24 hours a day.


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