10 unforgivable mistakes in bathroom renovation

Repairs in the apartment — it is troublesome and difficult. Sometimes in the process of transforming his home, we all think we are perfect and when we begin to settle in a new nest, it turns out that there is an error, there is a flaw here — not thought of something.

We have prepared for you a list of 10 errors that may occur when renovating a bathroom. Think of it as the answers to the questions before the exam.

The lack of sockets

Folk wisdom says: sockets does not happen much. There are times when people forget about the outlets in the bathroom, make them a little (only for washing machines) or just think they do not need them, and then wonder how to dry hair with a hair dryer, shave with an electric razor or where to charge an electric toothbrush? To such questions do not arise, make at least two outlets.

Unprotected sockets

Electrical outlets in the bathroom must be protected from moisture (with a lid covering the connectors).

Improper installation of a bathtub

When installing a bath, check out whether she has a bias. Plumbing pipes must go to a drain at a slight angle. If you do not think about it at the time, it may happen that the water would be bad to leave in the bathroom will spread an unpleasant smell of stale water.

Incorrectly connected to communications

My friend and her husband recently finished remodeling the bathroom, and found that the towel rail is not heated. And all because it was posted above, what are the pipes distributing the water. As a result, the pressure is not enough, and the hot water rises to the towel rail.

Conclusion: need very precise control of sanitary works, especially those that will disappear in the end (they are the most difficult to change).

The lack of forced exhaust

This point is relevant both for bathroom and toilet. Unfortunately, in older homes soundproofing and exhaust leave much to be desired. Make sure to install push the hood that starts when you turn on the light (for the toilet), or pressing (for the bathroom). The extractor fan in the bathroom will help the room to "chill" and clear my head.

Incorrect sizes

This item include the size of anything: a shower enclosure, door (she can be so narrow that the washing machine will not work), and technology. The mistress of odnushki in Marino complains of an independent redevelopment:

We made alterations to toilets, and, unfortunately, did not take into account the size of the washing machine during the construction of the walls in the bathroom. Due to the fact that there is not enough space, the machine is bulging out. Of course, it was possible to take a very "baby", but we did not dare: it is better to wash it once instead of three.

A little light

In addition to the ceiling lighting bathroom needs local light sources, at least in the mirror. Choose warm lighting: first, it flatters the appearance, second, it seems that the bathroom is warmer than it really is. And, of course, for reasons of comfort.

Slippery floor

Bathroom — it is quite traumatic: it is possible to fall in the bathtub or on a smooth wet floor. Either you should not choose glossy surfaces for floors, either, so if your heart feelings to smooth the granite, lay it on top of a soft Mat that will help you to stand firmly on his feet.


Very often, making repairs, we are guided by the thought: "Oh, how beautiful!" and completely forget about what we need somewhere to store shampoos, lotions, towels, household chemicals and who knows what else! On the organization of storage spaces is to think in advance. First, you will be able to choose some furniture (e.g., sink) now with built-in drawers, and secondly, after repair you will be expected situation that there is no place to hang a hair dryer or nowhere to put a spare shower gels.

Wrong shower

This is the story of my personal experience. A year ago we decided to change one shower to another. The cab chose dad (he's a man not skinnier), and he did not think that doors rectangular cab should open in the middle, as in our small bathroom on one side is close the sink and on the other washing machine. He bought the cabin, the door of which opens on the side and shifted entirely in the other half. In the end, he barely squeezes into the gap between the sink and the shower door. Well, who is to blame?

We wish AAM, so your repair has brought you joy and will not bring trouble! And in an extreme case, like in school, you can make mistakes, and get five.published


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