The ideal role of actors

Magazine Ā«GlamourĀ» knows how to please its readers. Editors female edition this time skreativili and presented an expanded list of those men who have graced the life of any (well, almost all) women, whether it is a young, modern, free and adoring movie stars. Each of them has got a role in this delicate matter - someone's husband, someone's just a friend, someone the doctor, and someone does love on the side.

We look at life through the eyes of a perfect female "glamurovtsev." Who will make it even better ...?

Your husband ... Orlando Bloom

Your lover ... Robert Pattinson (although to be honest, my husband and I Bloom lyubovnichka this is not necessary and even more so)

Your father ... Bill Murray

Your brother ... Penn Badgley

Your teacher ... Johnny Depp

Your Head ... Will Smith

Your holiday romance ... Jude Law

Your personal trainer ... Kellan Lutz

Your psychologist ... Ashton Kutcher

Your doctor ... George Clooney

Your best friend ... Perez Hilton

Your uncle Robert Downey Jr. ...

Your grandfather ... Sean Connery

Your stylist ... Ed Westwick

Your friend ... Russell Brand

Your best companion ... Jake Gyllenhaal

Your colleague Shia LaBeouf ...

Your chauffeur ... Brad Pitt

In short no life, and raspberries ... There is always something to strive for;)


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