Love in Hollywood

Without love triangles, even lives of celebrities is fresh, which is why they have affairs on the side, which in some cases lead to a good end, but in the other to a very sad consequences. Let's look at those and other examples ...

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart + + Rupert Sanders

Lived, Chris did not grieve so timid, but evil uncle Rupert Sanders spoil the idyllic picture of their relationship. Relationship, incidentally, is not confirmed, but still present (high, e-mine)! Their love obzavidovalis all fans, but not for long and the music was newly formed vampire Kristen still sucked krovushku even Robert. It all started with an easy affair director of the film "Snow White and the Huntsman" Rupert Sanders with a young performer of the title role - Kristen Stewart. The hapless hubby and father of two did not think long about what he is a family man and his daughter Kristen do, but simply changed the model wife. Stewart did not have time to look like a photo of her in an embrace with Sanders flew over the Internet, and then the print media. Rupert, too, was taken aback, but later pardoned, but Stewart is not present. No matter how it apologized to Rob it is not forgiveness. Violently it probably was not forced to do so, because what is now hope for reconciliation?

Arun Nayarit + + Elizabeth Hurley Shane Warne

Before beauty Elizabeth Hurley men lie in piles, and after her for a moment 47! That's what happens when the natural beauty and the female wisdom merge together. But it is not about that, and about what happens when a woman does not love a man. What would be a good husband and a "great father", according to Liz, nor was an Indian businessman Arun Nayarit against feelings rarely trample. After four years, she broke off the relationship a marriage with Arun and succumbed to the charms of cricketer Shane Warne. He is a few years younger than her and they are almost married (a few months after "the sexiest lunch", which made Elizabeth Shane, he fell on one knee and proposed).

David Beckham Victoria Beckham + + Rebecca Luz

Even in this pair is not so magical love story. In 2003, when David drove the ball for the Spanish "Real Madrid", and Victoria took care of the sons in the UK (oh, what a moment the wives of football players the unenviable fate of one hand), some Rebecca Luz said publicly that she had an affair with zvёzdoy and intends to prove it! In the news media have taken to hunting and savored every detail, here's the truth Rebecca, so enthusiastically and aggressively promotes its true, "gone underground" and no longer protruded. Well, since there is no evidence of "crimes", then what, in fact, accused David? After the incident, he could only utter, "This is slander, but on our relationship, she can only say positive: our relationship has become stronger».

Jesse James Sandra Bullock + + Michelle McGee

You never know what's going on behind closed doors, the more stars the door. Sandra Bullock until recently was also blind, even with Jesse James lived under the same roof. Tattooed husband of the actress found a friend of mind - thrash model Michelle McGee and repeatedly cheated on Sandra right under her nose. She is a loving wife, and did not think that such a thing is possible, but evidence surfaced the next day after receiving Bullock an Oscar in 2010, confirmed the worst. Sandra, respecting himself and his adopted son, has filed for divorce from the unfaithful husband and a bad father, and her request was granted a few months later. But the day before the recognition of sins Jesse said in an interview: "It is all that I have. She is beautiful. She is smart. When I saw her for the first time, it took my breath away. This I now happen to be looking at her "(hang noodles and though henna)

Mick Jagger Jerry Hall + + Luisiana Morad

Mick Jagger has always loved and was loved by the weaker sex, but he has to respect women, to our deep regret, there was not. So just how he broke up with his first wife Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, the model for so he just left for an unknown to me Jerry Luisiany Morad. Jerry, a mother of four children Mika, until recently, trying to save the marriage and clinging at straws, but Jagger himself sawed the branch on which he sat. Numerous rocker infidelity, including the model Janice Dickinson, just got Hall, and she filed for divorce. The last straw, by the way, it became a love affair with Morad, but Mick got rid of it is not concealed his ways.

Aaron Carter + + Hilary Duff Lindsay Lohan

In 2002 smazlivenky popsovichok Aaron Carter was once a set: angel, represented by Hilary Duff and chertёnka in the face Lindsay Lohan. With them, she began to meet at the same time, although all of them were no more than 15. According to the results the girls prosekli chip and Aaron left stomp alpine meadows. You know, and in fact is true - after two hares chase ...

Woody Allen, Mia Farrow + + Soon-Yi Previn

Scandalous than any scandal was classified Woody Allen that he he married his adopted daughter Korean Soon-Yi Previn. The whole story began with the fact that Mia Farrow, at that time the wife of Woody (their marriage lasted 12 years), found in a secret department of the cabinet of Allen nude photos of his cute little daughter (I'm afraid to imagine how she had a shock). Naturally, she went to her husband for an explanation and he confessed in everything. Immediately Mia prepared divorce papers and wanted to take away the daughter of a noble, but Soon-Yi Previn said that she would be better off with Woody. Soon the director has got even more young wife, and Farrow just added a farewell: "What a tragedy ... !!!».

Kevin Federline Cher + Jackson + Britney Spears

Kevin Federline is no stranger to throwing wives. In 2003, she left to fend for themselves pregnant wife Cher Jackson, who was waiting for him a second child, and a few years later and threw the one for which the whole mess and brew, Britney Spears. I think Britney's life for a very naive and very amorous, just went to the marriage with Federline as a seasoned web type. By the way, Cher Kevin has kept friendly relations and around she blamed not his and Britney and her money, saying, "It does not just destroy the relationship. It has destroyed the family! "(Just Unbelievable some).


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