At the factory "General Motors" vengeance boils work

The company «General Motors» to create more jobs and change in its factories around the world.

Plant «Delta Township» close to Lansing, Michigan, will work day and night, starting from April. At its plant «Fairfax», in Kansas, from Detroit automaker has decided to make an extra shift, and the plants in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was added 2400 jobs.

Robot welds crossover on the assembly line in the assembly shop of the plant «General Motors Lansing Delta Township» March 10 in Lansing, Michigan. (Getty Images / Bill Pugliano)

Manipulators robot welded car on the assembly line factory «General Motors Lansing Delta Township». (Getty Images / Bill Pugliano)

In 2007, the corporation «General Motors» sold 9, 37 million cars and trucks. (Getty Images / Bill Pugliano)


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