General Motors and LG will work together to build electric cars

General Motors and LG join forces to develop key components of electric cars. Still firm LG Chem, a member of the South Korean conglomerate supplied lithium-ion batteries for plug-in hybrids of GM – Volt and Ampera. The current agreement, is widening an already strong relationship and enables both players to enter the market with more affordable environmental car.

All will benefit from this cooperation. GM tries to use the scientific and technical base LG to expand the range of modern electric vehicles, which can then be release to the world market. LG expects the partnership with GM to strengthen its reputation as a supplier of automotive technologies, which are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In addition, the South Korean company will have the right to trade freely developed jointly with GM technology.

It should be noted that GM and LG are actively investing in solar energy, trying to reduce harmful emissions from its production. published




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