Wi-Fi Direct — recognition of potential danger from General Motors

Annually machine churning thousands and thousands of people around the world. And no strengthening of penalties and new rules of the road do not improve the situation on the roads. But the General Motors Corporation has developed a technology that will allow to avoid such accidents, and consequently save thousands of lives.

Manufacturers of modern mobile phones are diligently trying to implement in their devices the interfaces to communicate between them without using cellular networks and even Wi-Fi. For example, such technology (S bean) equipped with a sales hit of this summer the Samsung Galaxy S III.

But the engineers of the automaker General Motors has developed a system to avoid road accidents. After all, most of them related to the fact that road users somehow do not notice each other.

Security system developed by General Motors based on the fact that now almost every person on Earth has his own mobile phone. But because during the road vehicles drivers and pedestrians can "see" each other and without visual contact between the participants of traffic.

The Wi-Fi Direct technology allows drivers to learn about the presence of nearby pedestrian or other motorist, even if he yet does not see. For example, if the foot of man will be released somewhere next to the road or the cyclist will be in the so-called "blind zone" of the car, the security system will know about the potential danger.

And or the driver will change the course of movement of the car on the proposed system or the machine in General will be blocked, and the engine is off.
General Motors is already developing an application for mobile phones and tablet computers that use Wi-Fi Direct technology and allow you to connect with the onboard computer of the machine. And pedestrians this program to use, you needn't only keep Wi-Fi on their cellphones turned on.

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