Recognition of numbers: A to 9

Already a couple of times on the Habré arose a discussion on how to recognize numbers now works. But the article, which would show different approaches to the recognition of numbers, until Habré was not. So here we will try to understand how it all works. And then, if the article will be of interest, and will continue to publish a working model that can be poissledovat.

Software VS Iron h4> One of the key parameters for establishing a system of recognition - iron used for photography. The more powerful and better lighting system, the better the camera, the more likely to recognize the number. Good infrared (IR) Illuminator can enlighten even the dust and dirt that is available on the room, outshine all confounding factors. I think someone came similar "chain letter", which apart from the room can not see anything.

The better the system of shooting - the reliability of the results. Best algorithm without a good shooting is useless: you can always find a room that is not recognized. Here are two very different picture:


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