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Brand Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular in today's digital world. But, if used under it was released exclusively mobile phones, now Samsung launched and the camera. It works, as was to be expected, running the operating system Android.

Thanks to the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung in a few months overtook Apple in the number of sold devices. And despite patent disputes, it is not going to stop. Moreover, it is not satisfied with the leadership solely in the smartphone market — it began active operations in the struggle for the hearts of photographers. And the camera Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera is a great proof of the seriousness of such intention.

Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera is the first camera from Samsung, running Android operating system. Thanks to the creators of the camera was able to maximize his soft stuffing.

For example, Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera has a built-in photo editor that allows you to process captured images directly on the camera.

With the possibility of working with the networks 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi are taken with the camera Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera photos, you can immediately post to social networks, upload to photo sites and even cloud services store information, thereby unloading the memory card user.

Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera equipped with a matrix format BSI CMOS sensor, allowing you to take pictures a resolution of up to 16.3 megapixels. and global positioning systems GPS and GLONASS.

Touch the LCD screen of the camera Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera has a diagonal of 4.8 inches. And camera user will be able directly to point a finger where you want the camera to focus in the picture.

It should also be noted that the camera Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera is a camera with 21-fold ultrazoom that allows you to zoom in and capture the details even distant objects.

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