Eco-E, EcoVan and EcoTruck is the cheapest in the world electric cars

Current electric cars can not boast low cost — usually prices are higher than prices on similar performance models of cars with internal combustion engines. However, the California company Alvarez Electric Motors trying to change this trend — it launched in the serial production of the cheapest electric vehicles in the world.

Companies around the world trying to make electric cars cheaper than they are now. For example, in Japan there was a car Pius, low cost which is due to the fact that the owners personally will be forced to collect this vehicle. But the company Alvarez Electric Motors has developed a series of very low cost electric cars "turnkey".

Eco-E, EcoVan and EcoTruck is a machine, the operation of which is limited solely to city streets. After a single battery charge, they can drive a maximum of 65 kilometers. It is quite enough for daily trips around town, but too little to leave its borders.

Top speed of the ride on these electric vehicles will make up only 40 kilometers per hour. However, given the busy traffic on city streets, really do not!

Indisputable plus of EVS from Alvarez Electric Motors is their low price. Double Eco-E costs only us $ 9995, van EcoVan is $ 17995, but the truck EcoTruck — 16995. And, in some States there are the program on financial support manufacturers and owners of electric vehicles so that, with its account, these rates can still be significantly reduced.

Well, the cost of operation Eco-E, EcoVan and EcoTruck, as claimed by the engineers from Alvarez Electric Motors, will be only about five dollars a month. The above cars have already been launched into serial production — the first EcoCentre dealership will open in August in Irvine in southern California. Company Alvarez Electric Motors is planning shortly to open similar shops in other localities of the state: San Jose, riverside, San Bernardino, etc.

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