Музей Casa Enzo Ferrari Modena


On March 10, 2012 in Modena, hometown of Enzo Ferrari, was opened Museum of famous car brand. The area of structure is 5000 square meters, which building, where in 1898, the birthplace of the Creator of the legendary Italian brand. The construction of the Museum began in 2009 and cost 18 million euros. This house Enzo sold at the age of 22 years to buy a racing car. Subsequently, already being famous, he has repeatedly tried to buy the building, which now houses the Museum of his memory.

The main exposition is located in the new futuristic building with mirrored facade and textured aluminum roof, same bright yellow color as the background of the Ferrari logo. Building intricate shapes like bend around the old brick building, its shape something repeats streamlined silhouette machine. The Museum worked with London architects.

On the territory of the Museum is the entire history of the legendary brand: paintings, photographs and Souvenirs from precious stones. In the building give lectures and hold conferences, specially equipped with several rooms, the main heroes of which were cars Ferrari. In addition, the Museum has a small cafe and company store where you can buy pictures, the most valuable of which was personally signed by Enzo, books about the history of Ferrari, decorative items, a copy of the famous Ferrari sunglasses and even a unique wrist watch that has been issued an exclusive series of only 180 copies.

The first exhibition in the Museum includes 21 car Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Fiat, the creation of which was attended by Enzo Ferrari. In particular, visitors can see a 1914 Alfa Romeo 40-60 and a Ferrari 125S 1947 – the first car, which received the name of its Creator. The creators of the Museum hopes that it will attract the attention of fans of the Italian brand, and tourists from around the world. The cost of the ticket to Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari Modena is 13 euros.


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