When the Tigers are pets

Predator weighing several hundredweight is not well suited to the role of a pet. But some people do not think so. Today, the story of what happens when the tigers give birth in houses and apartments.

In principle, the Tigers any breed if early childhood is constantly communicated with the people, grow wonderfully non-aggressive creatures. They may well be approached without risk of being perceived as mining, iron, drink milk with it - it is worth remembering a few simple rules of behavior that are associated with the appearance of reflexes in the hunting of large striped cat, for example, do not turn your back to the predator. Evidence that the most common tiger can communicate with ordinary people are able to serve, say, examples of Argentine Zoo Lujan or Tiger Temple in Thailand. However, this is not the same as living with a giant cat, day after day in the same house. Of course, the same trainers and zoozaschitniki can take care of very young cubs, but after a few months, when they grow up and get stronger, be sure to return them to the cage or aviary.

In a South African businessman Michael Jamieson and two-year bengal tiger Enzo everything completely differently. It is not the first shared apartment in the town near Johannesburg Brakpan together, Michael and his wife Jackie Smith and another fifteen dogs. Although the word "share" in this case is not appropriate sounds - they all live under the same roof a big family from the moment when Michael bought tiger cub a few months old. On his tiger Jameson dreamed since childhood, and the fact that the dream a reality, ventured after the second attempted robbery of his home. "Dogs have been enough," - he jokes. - "Owning a tiger - or with what is incomparable thing. Enzo different every day ».

Although at first glance this and not say. Tiger begins each day the same way - with his servings of warm milk, fed as he was accustomed from an early age, in a large bottle with a nipple. After breakfast, begin the usual routine household tiger. Enzo mostly dozing on the couch or on a deck chair in the yard, putting the sides under the sun. Carefully examine the territory, poking his nose wherever it only can shove. Treated cosmetic procedures - taking a bath, though, like almost all cats, the water can not stand, allows himself to comb out and treat the claws. Often watching television - a favorite occupation. And so to dinner, at which the tiger gets five kilograms thoroughly digested (it is necessary to remove from it any taste of blood, so as not to wake up in the predator instinct) meat or cat food. After lunch - time fun and games that the owner likes to take video and upload to the Internet.

In short, Enzo lives and behaves like a perfectly normal home mischievous cat. Adjusted for the fact that it does not weigh a few kilograms, and nearly two hundredweight. If he is sharpening his claws on upholstered furniture (sofas and claws of Enzo loves to grind), then the next day it has to be discarded and replaced new. It follows from this is quite clear and obvious danger to life with a tiger under the same roof. Few owners of ordinary domestic cats, loves to play with their pets, it goes without scratched and bitten in a fit of joy hands. If you will do the same tiger, quite without malice, sparkle, or by accident, the consequences, of course, may be the most deplorable - just waving his paw striped cat can kill a buffalo spine, to say nothing about the man.

"Play with a tiger can be a very dangerous thing" - confirms the owner Enzo, - "When he accidentally gets his paw is not there, even if he does not bite, effortlessly, he can just scratch the protruding fangs to the blood." But even with this in mind, Michael Jamieson can not and does not want to give up messing around with your pet. "That's the thing with which I accepted every time when I accepted to play with him, I am willing to lose a little blood" - he said, adding that, of course, constantly keeps in mind the rules of conduct, tries not to whet tiger too much not accidentally cause him pain, do not expose vulnerable parts of the body.

A play and fool around Enzo loves no less his master, so fun it allotted almost the entire back yard. Various ladders, trapezes, swings adorable tiger of tires - outdoor striped pet and spends most of the time. Today is his aviary - Enzo is no longer able to sleep with Michael in bed, just as he did six years ago, as a huge, but still more a kitten. Perhaps Jamison and did not take into account the recommendations of the security that require tigers polutoragodovalogo age to keep a fenced area (and a few months did not accept, by the way), if not in his house, a new Tiger. If you're buying a South African businessman Enzo More could be accused of "Princess Syndrome" (say, like a tiger and a point!), The acquisition-year-old Siberian tiger named Ozzie except good work will not name.

Previous owners watched the young predator badly, so in the caring hands of Michael, he was severely emaciated, with deformed as a result of malnutrition paws. The new owner has already managed to fatten up the kitten, now plans to conduct operations on the full restoration of the limbs. Until then, Ozzy can move only at home, sometimes briefly going outside to explore the Enzo - to keep the Tigers close together but still unattended unsafe, because it is not known how the animals will react to his brother at a constant dialogue.

Therefore, most of Ozzie talks or owners, or other pets couples - dogs, with whom he gets along just fine, crawling behind them throughout the house. All the rest of the Tiger dozing on the couch (a special passion for Natochka claws on the upholstery, he is not an example Enzo is no different, by the way), sometimes leaving Michael and Jackie on the nature, perched on the back seat of a yellow Lamborghini. Just two years ago went to a picnic and Enzo, as long as no longer fit in the car. It will not be a lot of time in the car will not fit, and Ozzie - in answer to the question whether Michael is going to ever make a third tiger cub, he shrugs his shoulders, they say, wait and - see. But the groundwork is: if the owner was not able to focus on one pet, it is unlikely to be able to stop at two. But much more than another tiger, Michael would like people to understand - he gets such unusual pets not pampering, or for the sake of fame, he tigers really set a strong emotional, very intimate relationship. Recalling the history of Chito and Pocho, you realize that it's not just beautiful words.

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